One of a Kind (Series) (1958-1959)

One of a Kind
One of A Kind was a panel quiz show which attracted a wide variety of guests, many from the field of show business. In the program, panelists try to determine the identity of various mystery objects submitted by viewers. The objects will come from all over the world— from people's homes, museums, theatres, libraries, and from the imagination. Each object was associated with a famous person either actual or imaginary, such as Sir Winston Churchill's paint brush, Cinderella's slipper, Sherlock Holmes' cap, or Truman's piano.

One of a Kind originated as a summer replacement series, but was picked up for the regular season in the fall.

Harvey Hart - producer

Alex Barris....Moderator
Rita Greer Allen....Panelist
Lloyd Bochner....Panelist
Betty Kennedy....Panelist
Allan Manings....Panelist
Kathy McNeil....Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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