One More Time (Series) (1969-1970)

One More Time was a variety series out of Montreal on the CBC television network Saturday nights. It featured a pop group called 3's A Crowd, and was hosted by the young singer Gilbert Price.

Each week Gilbert and the 3's A Crowd had various groups and solo performers as their special guests, among them: Josh White, Mike and Judy Callahan, Lonnie Johnson, Johnny Nash, Terry Ber, Dick Smith, John Lee Hooker and John Hammond.

Gilbert Price .... Host
Colleen Peterson .... Regular (3's A Crowd)
Bruce Cockburn .... Regular (3's A Crowd)
David Wiffen .... Regular (3's A Crowd)
Dennis Pendrith .... Regular (3's A Crowd)
Richard Patterson .... Regular (3's A Crowd)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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