Once a Thief (Series) (1996-1998)

Aka: John Woo's Once a Thief

Once a Thief
Mac Ramsey is a thief who lives in China with his fellow thief and lover Li Ann. When they try to escape from the ruthless Tang family, a building blows up and Mac and their enemy Michael are presumed dead. Li Ann moves on to a new life in Canada working as a secret agent. Here, she meets handsome ex-cop Victor and falls in love. But their lives are turned upside down when Mac is recovered from a prison he has spent 18 months in. He has two choices - either be on the street and be killed by the Tangs, or work for the agency. So the three are pushed together under a manipulative yet complicated woman known only as "The Director". Is she a cruel-hearted evil old cow? Or is there something different lurking under her troubled exterior??

Soon, this mis-matched group have to learn to get along in this strange agency with the other weird agents - the local assassins Camier & Murphy, the paranoid librarian Nathan Muckle, a teenage gangster named Jackie and The Director's henchman - Agent Dobrinsky. Can they achieve a lasting friendship, or are their differences too great?

The pilot movie aired in 1996 and the series aired 1997-1998.

Ivan Sergei....Mac Ramsey
Sandrine Holt....Li Ann Tsei
Nicholas Lea....Victor Mansfield
Jennifer Dale....The Director
Howard Dell....Agent Dobrinsky
Julian Richings....Camier
Greg Kramer....Murphy
James Allodi....Nathan Muckle
Victoria Pratt....Jackie Janczyk (1998)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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