Episode Guide - On the Evidence (Series) (1975-1977)

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Aug 4, 1977 - A motel-and-tavern owner is charged with murder after killing a trespasser in "Regina vs. Carswell." Narrator: Ken Haslam. (60 min.) Cast: Warren Carswell (Paul Stanley); Cpl. Raymond Little (Steve Pernie); Joey Ferguson (Michael Ironside); Gerald Parker (Jefferson Mappin).

Aug 11, 1977 - Rape: Regina vs. Fontana. Gene Salford, an attractive young woman was hoping to get a new job in a restaurant owned by Frank Fontana when she agreed to a business meeting at his home. A short time later, she showed up at his neighbour's house, asking to use the phone to report a rape. Gena is now the Crown's chief witness as Frank is charged with rape. On-camera narrator: Ken Haslam. Cast: Dorothy Poste as Gena Salord; Peter Jobin as Det. George Barnwell; Harvey Sokolov as Doug Carpenter. On the Bench: Mr. Justice Hugh John MacDonald, Supreme Court of Alberta. For the Prosecution: Mr. Robert J. Wilkins, Calgary. For the Defence: Mr. John A. MacPherson, Calgary. Court Clerk: Jack Stone. Court stenographer: Sheila Puritt. Bailiff: W.L. MacFadyen. Produced with the co-operation of the Canadian Bar Association.

Sep 15, 1977 - A man is charged with being an accomplice in the hostage-taking of a woman and child. Narrator: Ken Haslam. (60 min.) Cast: John Martin (Grant Lowe); Paul Richards (Bob Reid); Jason Cartwright (Barry Britton-Foster); Marion Cartwright (Francoise M. Vallee); Det. Wayne Boekh (John Woodbridge). [Last show of the series.]

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