On the Evidence (Series) (1975-1977)

The CBC attempted to revive the formula of A Case For The Court and the spontaneity of live television in this basically unscripted summer series. The start of each program provided a brief outline of a crime, and the show then proceeded to a courtroom set for the trial of a suspect. The suspect and witnesses were actors, the lawyers, judge, and clerk of the court were supplied by the Ontario branch of the Canadian Bar Association, and the jury members were selected from the studio audience. The cases were tried for a taping session that lasted approximately two hours, and the tape was edited down to a one hour show.

The series outlined criminal cases based on actual events, as well as totally fictional cases, which nevertheless had been well researched. The program aimed to be more of a courtroom drama, an entertainment, rather than an educational or public affairs broadcast.

Ken Haslam....Narrator

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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