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On Safari
The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for On Safari.

Aug 3, 1959 - On Safari features the life of an African Elephant and his fight against drought. Wildlife photographers Armand and Michaela Denis follow these elephants and also visit a native village where men have elaborate hair-dos held in place by a mixture of egg yolk and blue mud. A film of a baby cheetah being bottle-fed will be seen.

Aug 31, 1959 - Armand and Michaela Denis visit the fields where the bones of animals which lived more than 50,000 years ago are buried. The bones are exposed as the wind blows the sand away.

Oct 6, 1959 - "Sunrise at a Water-hole." Films of wild animals at a water-hole in Africa.

Dec 29, 1959 - Armand and Michaela Denis view Paradise Lake which is situated in an extinct volcano crater.

May 12, 1961 - "On Safari in Asia." Through the cameras of Armand and Michaele Denis, viewers visit Vietnam. They go on a sampan ride; visit a shoe shop where sandals are made to order; see the collection of a gold fish fancier and specialist; and watch an open air dentist at work. The Temple of the Tortoises is visited, where one prays for long life and good luck.

May 26, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. A visit to crowded Hong Kong.

Jun 2, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. Hollywood in Hong Kong. The magic of Hong Kong, seen through the cameras of Armand and Michaela Denis. Sword dancers, shadow boxers and jugglers show their skills. The camera visits the market place, where 10-year-old eggs are sold as a delicacy, although green with age. A bird shop is shown, and finally we visit the film studio in this oriental city.

Jun 9, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. The cameras of Armand and Michaela Denis visit Tokyo. Scenes include the annual festival of the Tokyo fire brigade, which features acrobatics; a conjurer in the market place; and a kite competition, involving large, intricate kites.

Jun 30, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. A visit to the zoo in Tokyo and Marineland in Hiroshima.

Jul 7, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. The cameras of Armand and Michaela Denis see the making of a geisha's elaborate wig; the temples of Japan; mud baths for health; the pearl industry of Japan.

Jul 14, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. A puppet play in Tokushima, Japan.

Aug 4, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. The cameras of Armand and Michaela Denis see interesting sights in Old Japan: festivals; a Japanese public garden; a little girl having her fortune told by a bird; a shoe factory; and a store where snakes are sold for the supposed medicinal value of their blood.

Sep 1, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. Chinese New Year. The cameras see preparations for the New Year in Hong Kong, then move on to the rural areas where people are too busy to celebrate. Some interesting occupations are shown: duck herding, frog catching, and snake catching. (previously scheduled for Aug. 11)

Sep 8, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. Land of the Sherpas; from Katmandu, a journey up the Himalayas in search of evidence of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman.

Sep 15, 1961 - On Safari in Asia. The World of the White Ant. The wonders of the east—seen through the cameras of Michaela and Armand Denis.

Aug 11, 1962 - Around Our Garden. Mr. and Mrs. Denis visit their pets. These include dogs, cats, birds, a mongoose, an ostrich and ground squirrels.

Aug 18, 1962 - We Catch a Python. Mr. and Mrs. Denis catch a python, and show how professional snake-catchers trap snakes, and include some footage on chameleons.

Aug 25, 1962 - Mr. and Mrs. Denis visit the wild animal sanctuary at Crescent Island. This program also shows their pet cheetahs, some odd animal friendships in their household, and a large Brazilian anteater which Armand bought in a pet shop in Birmingham, England.

Sep 1, 1962 - Mr. and Mrs. Denis explore the world of wasps. The program includes a close-up of a praying mantis and film of caterpillars.

Sep 8, 1962 - Mr. and Mrs. Denis introduce some of the frogs and lizards that live in and around their garden, as well as a pet warthog and some new-born hedgehogs.

Sep 15, 1962 - A visit to the Outward Bound Mountain School in Kenya, where boys attending the camp experience many tough, outdoor physical tests, including a climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Sep 22, 1962 - The program concentrates on Oldulvia Gorge, showing fossils of giant animals that once lived in tin's part of Africa. Fossils of prehistoric man have also been uncovered there.

Sep 29, 1962 - We Capture a Baby Elephant. Armand and Michaela Denis adopt a baby elephant which has been forsaken by its mother. Viewers also meet the Dennis' pets, Minnie the mongoose and Gilbert, a baboon.

Oct 6, 1962 - The final program of the season shows some of the giant anthills of Africa, and the deep wells of Buna, where a human chain of 13 men bring water up in buckets. Also shown are a herd of baboons on the march, and a scene illustrating how a mongoose breaks a hen's egg to enjoy its contents.

Nov 8, 1962 - Armand and Michaela Denis visit Olduvai Gorge in Africa where they see the fossils of the giant animals that once lived in that region.

Nov 15, 1962 - Repeat of Aug 11 show.

Jun 3, 1963 - Armand and Michaela Denis visit Wanki National Park in South Africa to photograph big game.

Jun 10, 1963 - Kuomboka. A film showing the pomp and pageantry accorded an African Chief as he makes a ceremonial barge journey.

Jun 24, 1963 - Zambesi. Film shows some aerial shots of the famous Victoria Falls on the Zambesi River. Other interesting scenes include a native market, an encounter with a friendly zebra and a native trapeze dance.

Jul 8, 1963 - Armand and Michaela Denis show a film on the rising popularity of the national parks and how more and more tourists are visiting them to photograph wild animals.

Jul 15, 1963 - Armand and Michaela Denis show films of "Big-Game Darting."

Jul 22, 1963 - Armand and Michael a Denis present films of the insect world. It shows how caterpillars protect themselves by natural camouflage. A preying mantis is seen catching its food.

Aug 5, 1963 - Scenes of pets and amphibians near the garden of Armand and Michaela Denis in Africa. A pet wart hog and a newly-born hedgehog are filmed.

Aug 12, 1963 - Armand and Michaela Denis show the capture of a rhinoceros.

Sep 9, 1963 - World of Termites. Armand and Michaela Denis film the busy world of the ant and the termite. The film also describes the peculiarities of ants.

Sep 16, 1963 - Murchison Falls. Armand and Michaela Denis film the wild life in the upper part of the River Nile near Murchison Falls.

Sep 23, 1963 - "Outward Bound." Armand and Michaela Denis visit the Outward Bound outdoor school for boys on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Last episode of series.

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