Episode Guide - On Guard For Thee (Miniseries) (1981)

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Oct 18, 1981 - "The Most Dangerous Spy," revolves around the 1946 defection of Igor Gouzenko with documents that revealed Soviet espionage activities in Canada, and the ensuing investigation, arrests, and suspension of civil liberties.

Oct 25, 1981 - "A Blanket of Ice," outlines the Cold War, the witch-hunts that penetrated the civil service and diplomatic circles, and the secret activities of the RCMP in the name of national security up to the October 1970 crisis.

Nov 1, 1981 - "Shadows of a Horseman," the third and concluding segment of the trilogy, details the extent to which the RCMP has chipped away at the privacy- and the legal right to privacy- of Canadians. Using newsreel footage and dramatized re-creations of events, the program recounts the Mounties' domestic intelligence activities since the late '60s.

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