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Nov 6, 1954 - "The Liar," Henry James' short story about an artist who tries to show a former sweetheart the type of man her husband is.

Nov 13, 1954 - "Double Exit," the story of an intruder who stops a rich man's profligate son from committing suicide and then makes a strange request. Murray Matheson and Michael Julian play the principal roles.

Nov 20, 1954 - "Train Order."

Jan 22, 1955 - On Camera presents "August Heat," the story of an artist and a tombstone-engraver who unknowingly involve each other in tragedy.

Feb 12, 1955 - "Sight in Harbor" by Joseph Schull, the story of a naval commander's wife.

Feb 26, 1955 - The story of a fifteen-year-old lad who, on the death of his father, is left the responsibilities of the family.

Mar 12, 1955 - "Man in 308," a romantic comedy by Frank O'Neill, will be presented. A young man hit on the heart while escaping from a burning building, finds his memory gone.

Dec 17, 1955 - "On a Streetcar," a play starring Janet Reid.

Feb 4, 1956 - "The Owner," the story of an ambitious woman.

Feb 25, 1956 - "The Sacrifice," a story about a small-town girl who, on the death of her mother, gives up her career to care for her father and brothers. Amelia Hall plays the leading role and other players are Norman Ettlinger as a local merchant and Alex McKee, as the father.

Mar 3, 1956 - "Spring Song," a play about what happens when two people who've met through a correspondence club finally come face to face. It stars Toby Tarnow, Eric House and Anna Cameron.

Mar 10, 1956 - "Blackpool Country," by Alfred Harris, from Toronto.

Mar 17, 1956 - "Aunt Mary," a drama about a domineering old woman in an Ontario town. Jane Mallett will play the title role. Aileen Seaton plays her niece.

Mar 24, 1956 - "Moggy, The Cat Burglar," from Toronto. Starring in this comedy are Hugh Webster as Moggy, Charles Jarrott as Jennings and Winifred Dennis as Agathe.

Mar 31, 1956 - "Man Running," a suspense drama starring Robert Sherriff, Ivor Murillo and Charmion King.

Apr 7, 1956 - "The Spirit of the Bank of Lower Canada," a comedy by Michael Sheldon of Montreal. The players will include Charles Jarrott, Juan Root and Alex McKee. Ronald Weyman is the producer.

Apr 14, 1956 - "Burning Crusade of Andrew McNorran," a comedy by Doris French of Ottawa. In the title role will be Jonathan White, with Austin Willis, Sandra Scott, Tom Harvey, Audrey Hermant and Irving Lerner in the supporting cast.

Apr 21, 1956 - "The Gamblers," a drama set aboard an old freighter, and stars Gerry Sarracini, Norman Ettlinger, Robert Christie and Hugh Webster.

Apr 28, 1956 - "Dreams," a story of a young couple who meet and fall in love under false pretences. The play is by William Shatner who also takes the leading role.

May 5, 1956 - "Kingdoms Child." Set in the backwoods of British Columbia, it's a story about the slaughter of the leader of a strict religious sect. Janet Reid, Frank Perry, Jack Creley and Margot Christie play the leading roles.

May 12, 1956 - "The World Is My Stage," a suspense drama with Donald Harron, Jane Mallett and Helen Gilbert.

May 19, 1956 - "Mail Order Dress." This story about a southern Manitoba family is by ex-Winnipegger Elaine Grand and Desmond Smith, producer of Mr. Fix-it's show.

Jun 2, 1956 - "The New Year Caper," a comedy with Barry Morse and Toby Robins playing 2 hardened jewel thieves who fall in love.

Jun 16, 1956 - "The Portrait of Dr. Mobile," starring the English actor George Curzon in a play about a Nobel prize-winning Canadian surgeon.

Jun 30, 1956 - "The House of Madame de Jacqueminet, a suspense play about the rescue of a French-Canadian airman in occupied France. Katharine Blake stars.

Jul 7, 1956 - "When Mr. Thomas Jumped in The Air," the last show of the season, a comedy by John Keasler adapted for television by Nathan Cohen of Fighting Words. Joe Austin, Anna Cameron, who is hostess on Open House, and Kate Reid will star.

Oct 29, 1956 - "Mr. Gidding Attacks," a live production from Toronto. It's a comedy about two men who try to change the ways of a small town. (season debut)

Nov 5, 1956 - "They Shot An Arrow," starring Kate Reid, is about an old man who befriends a boy struck dumb. The boy's parents consider the man a bad influence and he's threatened with violence. Joseph Furst plays the old man; Rex Hagon, the boy, and John Sullivan, his father.

Nov 19, 1956 - "Stagecoach Bride," a comedy about a girl who goes west to marry a man that she has never seen.

Nov 26, 1956 - "Thank You, Edmondo," a play by Mac Shoub, starring Gerry Sarracini, about two factions of Italians who disagree about what should be done with the grave of a Canadian soldier.

Dec 3, 1956 - "The Idealist," a play set in the Canadian West, by Roy Shields, a Montreal newspaperman.

Dec 17, 1956 - "Some Are So Lucky," a drama about a man and a woman who meet for the first time.

Dec 24, 1956 - "Enchanted Nightmare," a fantasy drama about a travelling magician who befriends a little girl.

Dec 31, 1956 - "The Little Key," by Marian Hemar, is a drama about a mysterious war experience in London. In the leading roles are Ann Moorish and James Doohan.

Jan 14, 1957 - "Markheim," Robert Louis Stevenson's suspense story, adapted by Alfred Harris.

Jan 21, 1957 - "The Guest Room," a play about a mother's obsession with one of the rooms in her house.

Jan 28, 1957 - "Brass Tacks," a comedy by Eric Nichol about a detective agent and a married woman who starts going out secretly with her broker Corinne Conley plays one of the leading roles.

Feb 11, 1957 - "The Customer Is Always Right" is the name of the half-hour drama. In the leading roles are Charles Jarrott, James Edmond, Norman Welsh and Sarah Davies.

Feb 18, 1957 - "Reunion," a sentimental comedy by Horace Brown about two former lovers. Austin Willis and his wife, actress Kate Reid play the leading roles. Others in the cast include Jean Cavall and Leo Phillips.

Feb 25, 1957 - "Street Music", a play by Jack Kuper concerning a small boy who wants an accordion but has no money, and a young man who suggests a solution to the problem. Anthony Brown, Alice Hill and Ron Hartmann play the leading roles.

Mar 11, 1957 - "The Witness," by Melwyn Breen, stars Douglas Rain, James Doohan, Rex Hagon and Aileen Seaton in a story about a desperate drug addict, a murder and an armed robbery.

Mar 18, 1957 - "Night Call," by Lester Powell. Dr. Linden is true to the ethics of his profession when called upon to save the life of a man who has deceived him and threatened to ruin him through legal action. The man is ungrateful and continues to prosecute, but the doctor has a trick in his little black bag.

Mar 25, 1957 - "Big League Goalie," a hockey drama by Mac Shoub. New York actor John Glennon takes the role of a goalie who cracks under the strain of big-league play.

Apr 8, 1957 - "The Man Who Liked Dickens," adapted by Charles Jackson from the novel by Evelyn Waugh. In the Amazon jungle a survivor of an expedition stumbles upon a primitive dwelling in which lives a sinister white man. Although he cannot read, he has a collection of books by Dickens, and the newcomer is faced with the prospect of spending his life reading to him.

Apr 15, 1957 - "A Godmother for Amy," a sentimental comedy by Richard McCracken. Fern Stitman, Jane Mallett, Austin Willis and John Drainie star in a story of a girl disillusioned by a godmother who turns out to be only a woman, not a magic fairy.

Apr 22, 1957 - "Just Try It," a comedy of (married) manners by Stanley Mann. It contrasts one married couple, outwardly serene and happy, with another couple which appears the reverse— then shows how appearances deceive.

May 6, 1957 - "Michael's Mountain" by Gregory Stone.
A man's courage fails him as he attempts to overcome the scars from a grenade explosion that has left him disfigured. To hide his face he turns his back on the world and becomes a recluse, shunning family and friends. It takes an enterprising person to draw him back to a useful life at his profession. In the leading roles are Bruno Gerussi, Frances Tobias, Joe Austin and Cec Linder.

May 13, 1957 - "The Telephone Rings for Bertha Schrumm," by Charles M. Cohen. A comedy in which the ringing of the telephone signals the beginning of the first romance for a girl of 29. The play stars Alene Kamins as Bertha, Len Birman, Miriam Wolfe and Isaac Swerdlow.

May 20, 1957 - "Time Exposure," by Ralph Rose. Joe Grant, press photographer, buys a secondhand camera that takes pictures in the future. He makes a killing on horse races and decides the camera's main function for him should be to make money, and not news pictures. The camera, however, tells its own fate, but at least leaves Joe the legacy of one scoop. Stars Tom Harvey, Peggi Loder, Bob Olson and Alex McKee.

Jun 3, 1957 - "A Trip for Mrs. Taylor," by Hugh Garner. Mrs. Taylor is a forlorn, but independent pensioner. Her world is the four walls of her furnished room —and the treasured souvenirs of her past life. She refuses to live with her son for reasons of pride and compensates for her loneliness by taking a short train journey in which she finds justification for her place in the world—and more important, a sense of being someone.

Jun 17, 1957 - "Goldmine in the House," a suspense comedy written by Leslie McFarlane from a story by J.N. Harris. The play is set in a Laurentian resort and involves a business intrigue and romance with a French-Canadian accent. Mel Breen, producer.

Jun 24, 1957 - "Double Exit," a light-hearted thriller with a touch of farce, by Gale Pedick. Charles Jarrott, producer. Patrick Macnee and Mavor Moore star.

Jul 1, 1957 - "Romantic Interlude" a comedy about a love triangle by Marjory Heath. From Toronto.

Jul 8, 1957 - "A Woman's Point of View" by Patricia Joudry. A teen-age girl discovers her own heart in the death of a friend's father. Aileen Seaton, Alexander Webster, Marcia Clare and Jonathan White appear.

Jul 15, 1957 - "Black Cats Are Good Cats" — a psychological drama about a mentally retarded teenage boy by Brock Shoveller, produced by Basil Coleman. Features Nestor Mitto as the boy, Barbara Hamilton as his mother, Cec Linder as his father and Anthony Brown and Anthony Haig as two small boys.

Jul 29, 1957 - "Wait For Me," a suspense drama by Jim McGinnis. In the leading role is Jerry Sarracini.

Aug 5, 1957 - "The Stowaway," a comedy by Kenneth Taylor about the captain of a small freighter and a stowaway whose discovery in a laundry-basket turns ship-board routine upside down. Austin Willis plays the captain of a cargo vessel. Others in the cast include Ivor Barry, Frank Perry, E.M. Margolese, Michael Kane, Hildegarde Rossi and Katherine Blake.

Aug 12, 1957 - "Mama's Sidewalk Cafe," a comedy by Ben Lapin about a Jewish immigrant family who decide to set up a sidewalk cafe in Ottawa a few years after the end of the First World War. The family finds itself in court charged with breaking a by-law and unable to tell its story to the Judge. In the leading roles are Sylvia Lennick, Jacob Reinglas and Alan Orenstein.

Aug 26, 1957 - "Countess Keller," a comedy by Leslie MacFarlane. Grocer Luigi Galliardi is constantly being berated by his wife, Julia, for over-extending credit to customers and in particular to Mrs. Keller, an elderly scrubwoman who claims to have been a countess in Vienna. Things come to a head when Mrs. Keller asks for a number of luxury foodstuffs to entertain an old friend —a famous Viennese pianist. Julia convinces Luigi that Mrs. Keller's story is a fabrication, but eventually both learn an important lesson. From Toronto.

Sep 2, 1957 - "The Swamp," by Alfred Harris. It stars Jack Creley and George Liscombe.

Sep 9, 1957 - "Nothin' Personal," a humorous mood piece by Montreal playwright M. Charles Cohen, highlighting the problems of a group of young men on the verge of adulthood. It examines the reactions of a neighbourhood gang when one of their members announces that he's going to get married.

Sep 23, 1957 - "A Lesson in Psychology," a romantic comedy by Ralph Rose. Though happily married, Martha Madison and Anthony Pinkerton are forced to maintain their separate identities as teachers at a girls' school. Martha, a teacher of psychology, is not a little put out when a young student admits to being in love with Anthony. Martha has to decide whether to treat the problem as a psychologist or as a married woman. Starring Austin Willis and Carol Starkman. From Toronto.

Sep 30, 1957 - "Margin for Error," by Lester Powell. Dr. Michael Lincoln is called back from bis vacation to perform a delicate abdominal operation on a shooting victim. The patient turns out to be the husband of Lincoln's ex-wife who faces a murder charge if her husband dies. After Lincoln starts operating he discovers a serious complication, forcing the patient's wife to make a fateful decision.

Oct 7, 1957 - "Mrs. Rider's Reubens," by Tom Espie, When a newcomer to an old ladies' home pretends that she is the owner of a genuine painting by Reubens, she finds herself in the news and having to cope with gossips, art dealers and the underworld.

Oct 21, 1957 - "The Price of Silence," adapted by Ernest Waengler from the story of Stefan Zweig. A drama with a surprise twist about a compassionate husband's treatment of his unfaithful wife.

Oct 28, 1957 - "Night Boss," a mystery drama by Tom Espie. A copy editor who has made his way up on the newspaper staff by informing on the drunkenness of his predecessor is driven to the verge of madness by a teletype machine that sends him accusing messages. They are signed with the name of the man he wronged—the man who, after he was fired, killed himself.

Nov 11, 1957 - "Rough Justice," a play by Paul Almond about a hunt for a thief among the hard-boiled crew of a Great Lakes freighter. When the guilty shipmate is finally cornered, rough justice is handed out — with surprising results. The cast includes Buddy Ferens, Walter Balay, Stephen Lord, George Hislop and Fred Deihl.

Nov 18, 1957 - "Trial Balance," by Lester Powell. The story of a businessman and his calculating, mathematical approach to life. When it is discovered that one of his executives is dipping into company funds to entertain the businessman's wife the angry husband sets out to correct the situation.

Nov 25, 1957 - "The Reluctant Bandit," a suspense drama by Antony Ferry, former Winnipeg newspaperman. When a nervous gunman tries to hold up a movie house the manager is more worried about the audience's panic than about losing money. Murray Westgate will play the bandit and Tom Harvey will play the promoter.

Dec 2, 1957 - "The Egghead Approach," a brain-versus-brawn comedy by M. Charles Cohen. An athletic student is worried about his inability to fall in love. A fellow student tells him to try the intellectual approach.

Dec 9, 1957 - "Wrong Number," by Tom Espie. A lonely girl becomes involved with a young Hungarian through a strange telephone conversation. From Toronto. (Originally scheduled for Dec. 2.) Cast — Joan Blackman as Janie, Paul Kligman as her father, John Grima as Albin, Alexander Webster as Inspector Stevens, Winifred Dennis as Mrs. Davis, and Fred Diehl as the foreman. Andrew Allan, producer.

Dec 16, 1957 - "The Vacant Chair," a suspense story by Paul Slocumb and Norman Holland.

Dec 23, 1957 - "Next to Last Rites," a comedy by Paul Slocumb and Dorothy Lucas.

Dec 30, 1957 - "Innocent Deception," a light romantic drama by Bernard Slade about a teen-age girl who almost convinces a young man that she is from "the better part of town."

Jan 6, 1958 - "Cave-in," by Edmund E. Good. The story of a man and his search for gold, and of his wife who plans to leave him for another miner.

Jan 13, 1958 - "The Little Monster," a comedy by James J. Fox about an underpaid university professor whose financial problems are solved by his young son who is trained to win a prize an a TV quiz show.

Jan 20, 1958 - "A Case of Fraud," a courtroom drama by Donald Jack. A vindictive landlady charges her happy-go-lucky artist tenant with passing bad cheques. When it is revealed that the artist is completely innocent of any crime, court officials attempt to find out why the landlady took him to court. Andrew Allan, producer.

Jan 27, 1958 - "The Absentee Murderer" by Charles Templeton. A silenced gun and a dynamite cap help to provide the alibi for a man who plans to murder his wife.

Feb 3, 1958 - "The Devil's Bar," a mystery by John MacKenzie about a man who never takes advantage of the opportunities of life, until it is almost too late.

Feb 10, 1958 - A sensitive young boy feels lost and alone because his father embarrasses him at a father and son banquet.

Feb 17, 1958 - "Three to Get Married," first part of a three-part comedy by Kay Hill, in which a minister tries to find husbands for his three daughters.

Feb 24, 1958 - "Three to Get Married," second part of Kay Hill's comedy about a country parson's search for mates for his three daughters.

Mar 3, 1958 - "Three to Get Married," the final episode of Kay Hill's three-part comedy about a country minister and his three marriageable daughters.

Mar 10, 1958 - "Three-Day Blow" by Derrick Hamilton-Wright. Andrew Allan, producer. A honeymooning couple, gets entangled with an escaped homicidal maniac during a storm. Carol Starkman plays the role of Julie, Bernard Slade plays Todd, and John Sullivan the maniac.

Mar 17, 1958 - "The Beard" by Donald Jack. A play about an egotistical actor whose handsome face is hidden by a full beard. At the request of the drama director he shaves it off, only to see that his once-handsome face has changed completely. Features Derek Ralston.

Mar 24, 1958 - "A Room for Oneself," a family drama by Harold Flender.

Apr 7, 1958 - "The Warm Decision" by Noah Burke. Andrew Allan, producer.

Apr 21, 1958 - "The Morning After," by Colin Reid. When Charles O'Casey woke up one morning he stumbled into the bathroom and found that he had aged 30 years overnight.

Apr 28, 1958 - "The Little Witch," a play by Vincent McConnor involving a visitor from the past.

May 5, 1958 - "The Morning After," a suspense thriller by Colin Reid.

May 12, 1958 - "Watch Willie Go," by Roy Shields. Katy Hapes thought her husband Willie was paying more attention to his pals than he was to her. And she was right. But when she told him that they were going to have a baby the situation took a change for the better.

May 26, 1958 - "The Shadow Before," adapted by Leslie McFarlane from a story by Morley Roberts. A successful writer believes that he will be ruined when an unidentified challenger tries to take over his career.

Jun 2, 1958 - "Money to Burn," a comedy by Vincent Tilsley. A happy-go-lucky Shylock who base's his generous habits on friendship is forced to defend his actions. Andrew Allan. producer.

Jun 9, 1958 - "The Flowering Plant," by L. S. Booth. The story of a lonely spinster who finds a way to happiness after accepting a free trial offer of dancing lessons.

Jun 16, 1958 - "Rigoletto Rock," a love story by Tom Espie, about a young Italian-Canadian opera fan who finds romance in the rock-'n'-roll era.

Jun 23, 1958 - "A Cure for the Doctor," a comedy by Desmond Scott. A travelling mountebank quack doctor suddenly finds himself the most trusted of men when his "medicine" apparently cures a young girl in a small Ontario town.

Jun 30, 1958 - "This Will Do Nicely," a murder drama by M. Charles Cohen. A woman murders her husband and enlists the aid of his closest friend, an "armchair lawyer," to find an alibi. Andrew Allan, producer.

Jul 7, 1958 - "Guest Shot" by Leslie McFarlane. A story of hero-worship by a disc jockey for a cowboy star whose records he presents.

Jul 14, 1958 - "Margin For Error," starring Toby Robins and William Needles.

Jul 21, 1958 - "Billy's Burglar." A little boy befriends a burglar who has entered the house via the bedroom window.

Jul 28, 1958 - "Midsummer Sisters" by Edward Fairbairn. Two girls want to be sisters, so they try to arrange a marriage between their widowed parents.

Aug 4, 1958 - "Stop-Over" by Tom Espie. Being so close to adventure and yet not taking part in it seems to a young airport control-tower operator to magnify the monotony of his existence. One day a small plane lands and he has an opportunity to "get away from it all," but on looking closer at the passengers he decides to stay where he is.

Aug 11, 1958 - "The New Year Caper," a comedy by A. J. Russell. Two jewel thieves meet, fall in love, but manage to keep cool business heads. When Paul eyes a fashionable New Year's Eve party as a possible base of operation Alice gains entrance to his apartment to stop him from attending the party so her accomplice can do the job.

Aug 18, 1958 - "The Builders" by Morley Torgov. An ambitious contractor discovers that a crack has developed in an apartment building he is constructing. Some of the apartments have been rented and he is faced with the problems of whether to reveal the condition or keep silent about it.

Aug 25, 1958 - "Spring Song" by Jackie Rosenfeld. A young girl answers a man's "lonely hearts" notice in a magazine, but suggests that they should not meet. He is determined to see the girl, however, and arranges a rendezvous —a rendezvous they never keep.

Sep 1, 1958 - "The Broadway Story." Violence is the result of a writer's attempts to gain recognition in New York City

Sep 8, 1958 - "Mr. Diamond's Diamonds," a teleplay by Leslie McFarlane, from a story by Marvin Rossman. A comedy about two burglars who meet a customer wearing a toupee and a hatful of diamonds.

Sep 15, 1958 - "The Camel's Back" by Vincent Tilsley. Harry Weeks, married to a nagging wife, loses his job after 10 years with a firm. Afraid to tell his wife, he seeks understanding from a secretary at the firm.

Sep 22, 1958 - "The Facts of Life," by Harold Flender. A comedy about a 7-year-old boy who is confused by his father's explanation of the facts of life. He decides that his married sister should have a baby, so he and his chum go to a hospital to buy one.

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