Episode Guide - Ombudsman (Series) (1974-1980)

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Oct 24, 1976 - Seson Debut. Canadian governmental inaccessibility and secrecy are discussed when host Robert Cooper talks with U.S. consumer advocate Ralph Nader.

Oct 2, 1977 - Season Debut. Ironing out social injustices and wending through red tape are the aims of the program, now in its fifth season.

Oct 30, 1977 - Scheduled: Farmers in Outlook, Sask., who are forced to pay taxes for water they don't use: and foreign students misled by private schools.

Dec 11, 1977 - Scheduled: The case of Donald McCleery, a former staff sergeant in charge of counterespionage at an RCMP division in Montreal. McCleery was fired in December 1973 after investigations of his friendship with a Montreal businessman who had been linked with underworld figures. The former officer would like a hearing to examine the circumstances of his firing.

Apr 2, 1978 - Scheduled: A look at the situation in Waverly, N.S., where townspeople are requesting Government funds for a central water supply because their wells have been poisoned by natural arsenic. Also: claiming common-law wives as dependents for income-tax purposes is discussed.

Mar 11, 1979 - Scheduled: The case of a divorced B.C. woman whose two children were abducted from her by her ex-husband. The woman has been unsuccessful in having him extradited from the U.S., where he is living with the children.

Apr 1, 1979 - Among the scheduled items: further developments in the case of a B.C. woman whose children were abducted by her husband.

Jan 13, 1980 - Scheduled: The case of an Alberta man who, at 16, was convicted of the murder of his stepfather and sentenced to life imprisonment. Host: Kathleen Ruff.

Mar 23, 1980 - Scheduled segments include a discussion of possible measures to compensate victims of accidents involving inadequately insured motorists. Included is an interview with Frank Drea, Ontario Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations.

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