Episode Guide - Of All People (Series) (1972-1974)

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Jun 10, 1973 - A Song at Twilight — A film by Jo Davis. The story of three Canadians in their late 60s and early 70s, living on their pensions and for their music

Jun 17, 1973 - Norman — a film about 16-year-old Norman Kunc, a 16-year-old who was born with cerebral palsy.

Jun 24, 1973 - The Country Doctor — A film about a small town general practitioner. Dr. Ross Green of Thorndale, Ont Also: Winner Down the Line, a story about a likable self-admitted drifter who works as a carpark jockey in Toronto.

Jul 1, 1973 - How It Looks from Mount Alberta — Ron and Roberta Squire, a husband and wife film-making team, have created a film of their own village and its lifestyle. The town plumber, barber, potato farmer, grocer and volunteer fireman are among the citizens to appear in this Canada Day edition of the series.

Jul 8, 1973 - The Garage — A film about the peculiar ambiance and the avid characters of an auto garage in midtown Toronto. Also, Shindig In The Barn — The story of a Canadian farmer who doubles as a square dance caller in the evening

Jul 15, 1973 - No Time for Why — A profile of Norman Lidster, a freelance writer who is blind and paralyzed from head to toe. For the past 20 years, Norman has been an active freelance writer for the west coast papers.

Jul 22, 1973 - Sarah Davidson — A look at a teenage harpist who is already featured with symphony and chamber orchestras.

Jul 29, 1973 - Two views of life by director Martin Lavut: Requiem for Porkchop, examines a community brought together by the act of caring for one person, Max Pasner, affectionately known as "Porkchop," The second film. Togetherness, is about Fred and Mary Allison who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary

Aug 5, 1973 - The Dog-catcher — Anne Barrett, mother of three children, is the dogcatcher of Uxbridge Township; she is the kind of dogcatcher who will go out in any kind of weather to find a lost dog; and A Tight Roof and A Bite to Eat — the story of Leonard Evans, a happy Newfoundlander with 14 children who is a gourmet cook, a stationery engineer and a part-time fisherman.

Aug 19, 1973 - This last program in the series has a number of segments — The first, is about Vinnie Green, an 80-year-old stamp and coin collector. Two short vignettes, by photographer John Reeves — To Pass the Time Away and Play's the Thing. The last, The Dollar Scholars has Larry Solway talking to a group of youngsters about the money crisis.

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