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Odyssey, The

Mar 9, 1992 - "The Fall." (Jelly Bean Odyssey) A lonely young boy takes a journey into his own imagination when he falls from a tree and goes into a coma.

Season One

Nov 2, 1992 - "The Fall." (repeat)

Nov 9, 1992 - "No Fair." Jay, Alpha and Flash begin their search for the Tower; Jay and Alpha are sentenced to the Friendship Mission.

Nov 16, 1992 - Out of the Woods." Flash rescues Jay and Alpha with the help of a secret resistance group whose leader is also a prisoner.

Nov 23, 1992 - "By the Book." Alpha encounters the Head Librarian when he tries to take a map from the library club to the Tower,

Nov 30, 1992 - "Checkpoint Eagle" Jay must obtain a different key from each of two uncooperative guards in order to pass Checkpoint Eagle

Dec 7, 1992 - "The Believers." Jay and the others make their way to the Tower with the help of the map but Flash decides to take a shortcut.

Dec 14, 1992 - "A Place Called Nowhere." Jay and his friends are taken by train to Nowhere, a land where everything changes with each new visitor.

Dec 21, 1992 - "Wanted." Joy, Alpha and Flash escape the Warmongers only to encounter the Tower Monitors.

Dec 28, 1992 - "Galileo & the Gypsies." The daylight vanishes when Flash accidentally breaks Jay's telescope.

Jan 4, 1993 - "In the Dark." The Tower orders that Jay be turned into a zombie after meeting Fractal in an underground tunnel.

Jan 11, 1993 - "The Brad Exchange." Jay passes a secret checkpoint and enters the Brad Exchange, where he hopes to trade his possessions for a valuable secret.

Jan 18, 1993 - "Welcome to the Tower." Jay and his friends finally reach the Tower only to discover that Macro is now the leader and Brad is in prison.

Jan 25, 1993 - "The One Called Brad." Jay learns about the Vest of Power, a time travel device, and faces a choice about staying.

Season Two

Jan 24, 1994 - "Lands End." In the season opener, Jay's mother begins to lose faith in his recovery and has him moved to a nursing home. Meanwhile, in the Downworld, Flash and Alpha must persuade Jay to continue his quest, despite his fear of failure.

Jan 31, 1994 - "To The Lighthouse." Jay is chased through the Downworld by pirates, while Val begins legal proceedings to have Brad declared dead.

Feb 7, 1994 - "Someplace Like Home." Jay, Alpha and Flash head to the lighthouse in search of Jay's father, while being pursued by a band of pirates who discover that Jay himself is considered a sacred treasure.

Feb 14, 1994 - "Whispers Like Thunder." Medea and Fractal want to make Jay their world ruler, but Jay awakens from his coma.

Feb 21, 1994 - "The Hall of Darkness."Alpha joins forces with the Tower to stop Jay from finding his father.

Feb 28, 1994 - "The Prophecy." Jay is convinced that only he can bring adults into the Downworld after Yudo gives a speech.

Mar 7, 1994 - "The Greatest Show on Earth." Jay's hope of seeing his father is bolstered at the Circus, but the Tower Monitors foil his plan: Vat's lawsuit is delayed by the insurance company.

Mar 14, 1994 - "But Where is Here?" Jay and Flash hide in the mirror maze to escape Medea and her cronies, but Flash ends up sacrificing himself in order to save Jay. In the Upworld, a truth shocks Jay awake, but his desire for Medea and a guilty conscience lure him back toward the Downworld.

Mar 21, 1994 - "The Big Picture." Fractal tries to rid Jay's mind of conflicting memories of his father; Jay bargains for Flash and Alpha's release.

Mar 28, 1994 - "Tick Tock." Flash sacrifices himself for Jay, who must face a startling truth about his father's death—the shock of which wakes him from his coma.

Apr 4, 1994 - "Run for Your Life." Jay, Flash and Alpha are close to finding Jay's Dad; Val plans a fundraiser for Driftwood.

Apr 11, 1994 - "Who Do You Believe?" The pirates lure Jay and his friends inside Black Mountain, hoping he'll be able to start their life clock, but instead his actions force his father to appear.

Apr 18, 1994 - "You Decide." Jay's dad reveals the mystery of his death.

Season Three

Oct 3, 1994 - "No Way Out." 14-year-old Jay comes out of his coma, during which he found his father, who was believed dead. Now that he's awake, Jay has no shortage of trouble convincing people that his dad is still alive, while playing catch-up in the unfamiliar world of adolescence. In the Downworld, Finger is in control.

Oct 10, 1994 - "Dart to the Heart." Jay falls for Nikki, his therapy mate in the Upworld, while Finger schemes to get rid of Jay for good in the Downworld.

Oct 17, 1994 - "Learning Curve." Jay and Keith are put in remedial classes in the Upworld, while Jay and Flash compete in the Downworld.

Oct 24, 1994 - "Night Life." An impromptu vigil for a dead singer supplies Donna (Ashley Rogers) with an opportunity to get in with the in-crowd—but at a cost. in the Downworld, Alpha gets sucked into the party scene at the nightclub.

Oct 31, 1994 - "Cry Justice." Jay is stuck in the past in the Upworld, while Finger tries to take over the world in the Downworld.

Nov 7, 1994 - "King for a Day." Jay gets accused of shoplifting in the Upworld, while Flash and J are captured in the Downworld.

Nov 14, 1994 - "The Cauldron." Jay becomes obsessed with Sierra in the Upworld, while Finger seeks revenge in the Downworld.

Nov 21, 1994 - "Styx and Stones." Jay's fantasy of Sierra falls flat in the Upworld, while Medea is held prisoner in the Downworld.

Nov 28, 1994 - "Tug Of War." Jay and his mother are at odds in the Upworld, while Jay and Medea lead a rebellion in the Downworld.

Dec 5, 1994 - "Tangled Web." Jay begins to suspect Sierra of two-timing him with Mick. In the Downworld, a conspiracy threatens the new rebel coalition.

Dec 12, 1994 - "No Holds Barred." Jay finally meets his father in the Upworld while Finger stages a surprise attack in the Downworld.

Dec 19, 1994 - "The Plague." Jay finally faces the truth about his father; and disaster strikes in the Downworld when J attempts to stage a free election.

Dec 26, 1994 - "Time Bomb." Jay convinces Val that his father is alive in the Upworld.

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