Odyssey, The (Series) (1992-1994)

Odyssey, The
The Odyssey was a family drama series which chronicled the subconscious adventures of eleven-year-old Jay Ziegler who ended up in a coma after falling out of a treefort. As he lay in hospital, watched over by doctors, nurses and his mother (the Upworld), Jay's mind journeyed to another world - one without adults (the Downworld). Jay's two worlds were strangly parallel as he struggled to regain consciousness and to understand his new world where children live in tribe-like clubs, supervised from a distant tower by the mysterious fifteen-year-old Brad.

In the Upworld, Jay fought for his life in a hospital bed; and in the Downworld, Jay's quest was to resolve the five-year-old mystery surrounding the death of his father.

Produced by Water Street Pictures Ltd in association with the CBC and B.C. Film.

Illya Woloshyn .... Jay Ziegler
Janet Hodgkinson .... Val Ziegler
Ashley Rogers .... Alpha/Donna Archipenko
Tony Sampson .... Flash/Keith Haldane
Andrea Nemeth .... Medea/Sierra Jones
Ross Birchall .... Young Jay Ziegler
Andrew Airlie .... Steve
Austin Basile .... Brad
Jay Brazeau .... Seymour Walsh
Franky Czinege .... Monitor
Geoff Gustafson .... Monitor
Mark Hildreth .... Finger
Aly Jiwani .... Jam
Dwight Koss .... Dr. Max Oswald
Cathy Lohuaru .... Pheb
Simon Pidgeon .... Hark
Jeremy Radick .... Fractal
Ryan Reynolds .... Macro
Garwin Sanford .... Arthur/Iceface
Devon Sawa .... Yudo
James Sherry .... Ratchet
Robert Wisden .... Brad Ziegler

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user angie, January 13, 2007
My dad and I loved to watch this show. I believe it was on Monday nights. I had a crush on Macro... Still do I think...

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