Observer, The (Series) (1963-1966)

Aka: The Observer: Summer Edition

The Observer was a weekly hour-long magazine program, broadcast on the CBC on stations in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, The Observer included a range of features on arts, culture, and current events.

The program employed a "cover girl," a different young woman each week, who would provide viewers with notes on what was coming up in the broadcast.

Starting June 1964, the program contracted to a half-hour, but multiplied into a twice-weekly broadcast for a summer series, called The Observer: Summer Edition. In October, the Summer Edition was absorbed as part of Across Canada, the series of public affairs programs that originated in different production centres each day.

John David Hamilton....Host
Al Hamel....Host
Lloyd Robertson....Toronto host (Summer Edition)
Sandi Fruman....Montreal host (Summer Edition)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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