Nursery School Time (Series) (1958-1963)

Nursery School Time
The School Broadcast Department of the CBC produced Nursery School Time, a 15-minute program aimed at pre-school age children. It was presented three days a week, and each week the show concentrated on a different subject. The opening season of programs was intended as an experiment. The response was strong enough that the program was revived in the autumn and its schedule extended to five days per week. The program combined entertainment and education for small children.

The show began in January, 1958, with Ms. Forman from Toronto alternating with Shirley Knight from Winnipeg. The shows from Toronto also starred Hoppy, a hand puppet bunny. In September, broadcasts from Winnipeg were replaced with ones from Montreal and featured a puppet beaver named Mr. Dick and a real dog called Miki. The show was scheduled in the early afternoon with three presentations from Toronto, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, Madeline Arbour hosted two shows as Maman Fonfon. From time to time, Toby Tarnow replaced Teddy Forman in the Toronto show.

The scripts were designed and developed by Herta Fletcher and Phyllis Couse

Phyllis Reid Duncan performed at the piano

Madeleine Arbour....Miss Madeleine
Claudine Vallerand....Maman Fon Fon (1958)
Teddy Forman....Miss Teddy (1958-1961)
Shirley Knight....Miss Shirley (1958)
Toby Tarnow....Miss Toby (1961-1963)
Jack Mather....Hoppy the Rabbit (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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