Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (Series) (1999-2000)

Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
Richmond Pearson Hobson, Jr. (Chad Willett) is the Stanford-educated son of a New York congressman. Panhandle Phillips (Ted Atherton) has never been anything but a cowboy. In the rugged wilderness of British Columbia, halfway between Seattle and the Yukon, they will try to carve out the largest cattle ranch in the world.

After World War II breaks out, to save their dream, Rich and Pan must drive their herd to safe pasture before brutal winter closes in on the high plateau. They have only three untrained, untested teenage cowhands and Rich’s new bride as their roundup crew.

Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy is a romantic comedy based on the true-life adventures of three of Canada’s most colorful modern-day pioneers.

A TV movie aired on CBC on January 4, 1998 and the ratings were high enough that the series was created and debuted on the CBC network in February 7, 1999.

Yannick Bisson....Richmond Hobson
Ted Atherton....Pan 'Panhandle' Phillips
Sarah Chalke....Gloria McIntosh Hobson
Kimberley Warnat....Kit
Kristian Ayre....Tommy
Will Sanderson....Ed
Ben Cardinal....Nelson George
Carmen Moore....Rita George
John B. Lowe....Rupert Mowat
Sheelah Megill....Harriet Franklin
Renae Morriseau....Esther
Peter Bryant....Robert McDaniels
Marilyn Norry....Alberta Bloomsbury
Sarah-Jane Redmond

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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