Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (TV Movie) (1998)

Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
The highly rated two hour television movie Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy aired on CBC Television on January 4, 1998.

The 1940's romantic comedy stars Madison's Chad Willett, Roseanne's Sarah Chalke and stage actor Ted Atherton in the tale of a Vancouver socialite who marries a cowboy and helps him establish the world's largest cattle ranch in British Columbia.

The high ratings of the movie led to 2 full seasons of Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy on CBC

Chad Willett....Richmond Pearson Hobson Jr.
Ted Atherton....Pan "Panhandle" Phillips
Sarah Chalke....Gloria McIntosh
Falconer Abraham....Robert McDaniels
Zachary Bennett....Ed
Mairon Bennett....Kit
Ryan Gosling....Tommy
Dan MacDonald....Roland Tewskesbury
John Whittaker
Robin Brûlé....Muriel
John Keller....Connor McCann
Richard McMillan....Harold
Graham McPherson....Edgar Van Dusen
Neil Crone....Bartender
W.J. Matheson....Arch

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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