Not My Department (Series) (1987)

Not My Department
Based on journalist Charles Gordon's humorous book "The Governor General's Bunny Hop," Not My Department! starred Harry Ditson as Gerald Angstrum, the harried deputy minister of the Department of Regional Incentive Targets- a deliberately vague name for a department with a suitably vague mandate: inheriting things other departments don't want to deal with. Barry Stevens played Mr. Wylie, the outsider appointed by the minister of the day and Shelley Peterson, wife of Ontario Premier David Peterson, had a leading role as Margaret Simmons, Angstrum's assistant. A cast of secondary characters, mostly bureaucrats but also Henri, a french-fry vendor, completed the ensemble.

Harry Ditson .... Gerald Angstrum
Robbie O'Neill .... Robert
Shelley Peterson .... Margaret Simmons
Barry Stevens .... Mr. Wylie
Pierre Chagnon
Chris Wiggins
Alpha Boucher .... Henri
Robert Benson
Bonnie Brooks
James Edmond
Suzanne Coy

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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