Northwood (Series) (1991-1994)

Northwood was a Canadian drama television series which aired on the CBC from 1991 to 1994 about the lives of teenagers living in Northwood, British Columbia, near Vancouver. The series was critically acclaimed during its run for it's frank and open portrayal of controversial issues like teen prostitution, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, and alcoholism.

Lochlyn Munro....Jason
Brigitta Dau....Maria
Byron Lucas....Kirk Huber
Deanna Milligan....Jennifer
Darrell Dennis....Brian Potter
Forbes March....Brendan
Frida Betrani....Cindy
Christopher Bolton
Halona Donaghy....Maggie
Katerina Gavala....Donna Sages
Trevor Hughes....Pete
Tamsin Jones....Karen
Gabe Khouth....Michael
Natasha Kong....Helen
Miguelito Macario....Bill
Sasha McLean
Maggie Blue O'Hara
Gabrielle Rose....Jason's Mother
Tygh Runyan....Donald 'Donny' Huber
Sarah Sawatsky
Scott Swanson....Colin McBride

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byLisa, January 28, 2007
Absolutely loved this show. Even went to Winnipeg when they toured for their book signing. Still have the books - complete with autographs!!! Haven't seen them rerun it yet tho.... :o(

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