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North of 60
Season 1

Pilot (Dec 3, 1992) (Series Premiere) A drama about an undercover cop (John Oliver) who clashes with native culture when he is transferred to a small settlement in the Northwest Territories.

A Different Drummer (Dec 10, 1992) Olssen's methods of corralling bootleggers rile the community.

The Road Not Taken (Dec 17, 1992) Sarah's former beau proposes; a civil disobedience campaign aims to drive away highway surveyors.

Fair Trade (Dec 31, 1992) Teevee finds a white hunter's skeleton, which Albert steals to bargain an ancestor's remains from a southern museum.

Letting Go (Jan 7, 1992) Michelle's ex-husband (Byron Chief Moon) shows up after eight years; Eric reluctantly deals with Treaty Days.

Out of the Blue (Jan 14, 1992) Eric struggles to bring two American pilots to justice for assaulting Teevee's sister.

The Reunion (Jan 21, 1992) Eric's family visit turns into disaster; Michelle pursues a poacher.

Birthright (Jan 28, 1992) Sarah's best friend opts for a home birth; Eric wants the town boys to box.

Cold Comfort (Feb 4, 1993) Helping a troubled teen, Michelle reminisces; Teevee's prank may expose Sarah's relationship with Eric.

The Act of Hares (Feb 11, 1993) Peter is suspected of having an affair; Eric and Sarah disagree.

The Art of the Deal (Feb 25, 1993) Michelle investigates a charming stranger (Graham Greene); Sarah and Eric worry about Joe Goma.

Sisters of Mercy (Mar 4, 1993) A visit by Eric's son comes between Eric and Sarah; Michelle copes with painful memories stirred by a visit from her residential schoolteacher

Freeze Out (Mar 18, 1993) A drunken resident dies of exposure; Michelle and Eric's investigation of a shooting meets resistance.

All About Leslie (Mar 25, 1993) Teevee falls for a student nurse (Janne Mortil), who eyes Eric; Eric evaluates his status with Sarah.

Southern Comfort (Apr 1, 1993) In Vancouver to find runaway Teevee, Eric meets his ex-partner, who offers him a job.

Fire (Apr 8, 1993) Teevee is suspected of burning Michelle's house; Eric ponders a job in Vancouver.

Season 2

Bless This House (Oct 7, 1993) Sarah's estranged father resurfaces; Teevee (Dakota House) finds he is no longer leader of the Lynx River pack.

Ciao, Baby (Oct 14, 1993) Italian furriers bring hope to Lynx River; Teevee (Dakota House) and Bertha's (Lori Kee Okemow) situation gets complex.

Miles to Go (Oct 21, 1993) Eric and Joe's search for hikers turns into a trek; the women regret consoling Sarah.

Hostage (Oct 28, 1993) Peter Kenidi's plan to boost fur prices fails, leaving a trapper very distraught.

Arrangements (Nov 4, 1993) The LeBret shooting haunts Michelle; the Italians return with a new offer; Teevee gets a lesson.

Rumours - (Nov 11, 1993) - Eric and Michelle's friendship prompts rumors; Sarah's emotional state affects her work; Teevee gets a job.

Lost Weekend (Nov 18, 1993) A misdiagnosis undoes Sarah; Michelle is involved with a visiting archaeologist; cutbacks threaten the tannery.

Raven (Dec 2, 1993) While on a trip with Michelle, Eric goes searching for water and is captured by an escaped convict.

Maps and Dreams (Dec 9, 1993) Michelle befriends a visiting archaeologist; Eric visits Sarah, recovering from a breakdown.

Born Again (Dec 16, 1993) Sarah faces competition for her job; complications in Bertha's pregnancy worsen.

Crossing the River (Jan 6, 1994) Sarah begins a new life; Michelle and David's relationship deepens; Teevee deals with a new job and fatherhood.

Follow the Leader (Jan 13, 1994) Peter and Albert vie for control of the tannery; Lynx River children lobby for a hockey rink.

Trapped (Jan 20, 1994) Anti-fur activists want to shut down the tannery; Leon finds Rosie's rainy-day fund; the family debates how to spend it.

All Fall Down (Jan 27, 1994) Peter's business partners face a financial crisis; David avoids Michelle.

Harvest (Feb 3, 1994) Eric and Michelle try to maintain law and order after the tannery collapses; Albert challenges Peter.

The Getting of Wisdom (Feb 10, 1994) Lynx River is divided as Peter and Albert run in an election for chief; Eric realizes that he is losing touch with his kids.

Season 3

Fallen Angel (Oct 6, 1994) A brush fire threatens the town; Michelle learns two teens were involved.

The Long Goodbye (Oct 13, 1994) Eric dies suddenly; Peter joins the Lynx River Band Council; Cormier arrives to assess the future.

Pulling Up Stakes (Oct 20, 1994) Hannah admits to breaking into Gerry's store.

Partners (Oct 27, 1994) Bertha wants to reclaim her baby; Gerry chooses between bankruptcy and partnership with Rosie.

The Cure (Nov 3, 1994) Peter suspects Albert when Betty chooses Lynx River for a treatment center.

A Rock and a Hard Place (Nov 10, 1994) Michelle is angry when Brian Fletcher takes over the investigation of the vandalized center.

Spin Dry (Nov 17, 1994) Betty Moses' radical ideas for the treatment center divide the town; Michelle and Hannah travel; Teevee wants Bertha to stay.

You Can't Get There From Here (Nov 24, 1994) Betty Moses recruits Sarah to work at the Treatment Centre; Peter takes Teevee to a job interview.

The Gift (Dec 1, 1994) Michelle and Brian try to arrest Nathan; Albert tries to scuttle Sarah's new position; Peter is offered a job in Ottawa.

The Ties That Bind (Dec 8, 1994) A lost boy's mysterious appearance troubles Peter; artist Ben Montour's arrival creates havoc.

Break Dance (Dec 15, 1994) Michelle's attempt to shut down Nathan's bootlegging creates problems for Teevee.

Bargains (Jan 5, 1995) Teevee avenges his mother's humiliation; Lynx River experiences the full force of Albert's rage.

Shelter (Jan 12, 1995) Stranger intervenes in Teevee's ongoing struggle with the Golos; Rosie tries to meet demands of work and family.

The Hunt (Jan 19, 1995) The band council tries to impeach Albert; Nathan learns Teevee will testify against him.

Life is a Memory (Jan 26, 1995) Townspeople learn Nevada is HIV positive; his illness inspires Ben's new carving.

The Trial (Feb 2, 1995) Teevee's testimony becomes key in Nathan's trial; Sarah plans to leave; Lynx River turns to traditional forms of justice to deal with Nathan.

Season 4

Refugees (Oct 12, 1995) Michelle attempts to enforce the community's banishment of Nathan; Brian tries to find a home for Ben Montour's sculpture.

Arrival and Departure (Oct 19, 1995) Hannah returns home; Brian's wife Rosemary arrives in Lynx River.

At Home and Away (Oct 26, 1995) Sarah's sanity is questioned; Teevee tries to win his family back; Joe faces a lifestyle change.

Limbo (Nov 2, 1995) The town is split over Nathan's banishment; Gerry closes the store.

The Visit (Nov 9, 1995) Michelle searches for Hannah; Teevee has a new girlfriend; Brian deals with a group of problem teens.

Take Me Home (Nov 16, 1995) Michelle turns to traditional ways for guidance in finding Hannah; Sarah goes to Yellowknife to have her baby; Teevee loses his job when the mine shuts down.

The Weight (Nov 30, 1995) Peter and Betty battle over how to save grief-stricken Michelle.

A Shot Rang Out (Dec 7, 1995) A dying man implicates Albert in the death of Rosie's father; Sarah is torn between her love for Albert and the fear that he may be a murderer.

Revolving Door (Dec 14, 1995) Andrew One Sky arrives in Lynx River; budget cuts threaten the future of the Treatment Center.

Moonlight Sonata (Jan 4, 1996) Michelle wants to return to active duty; Sarah decides to return to Windsor; Teevee discovers that there is more to being an entrepreneur than big ideas.

Vantage Point (Jan 11, 1996) Sarah discovers that a house is not a home; Harris is shocked when Lois says yes to marriage.

Traces and Tracks (Jan 18, 1996) Michelle attempts to crack William's toughness; Sarah moves in with Michelle; Teevee becomes a band manager trainee.

To Have and To Hold (Jan 25, 1996) Harris and Lois' wedding is threatened by a surprise guest.

A Safe House (Feb 1, 1996) Betty arrives with a little boy, sparking memories for Michelle; Ellen's job is threatened; Teevee's application for band manager is sabotaged.

Prodigal Son (Feb 8, 1996) Suzie Muskrat arrives in Lynx River with hopes of reuniting with Charlie; a fire at the Treatment Center exposes financial improprieties.

Tango (Feb 15, 1996) Albert battles Sarah for custody of Elizabeth; a foster home is found for Charlie; Brian confronts the possibility of fatherhood.

Season 5

Slow Burn (Oct 3, 1996) Brian finds a pot farm; Michelle suspects William is a gangster; Brian and Rosemary might adopt.

Bushman (Oct 10, 1996) Charlie fears the Bushman has come for him.

Never Surrender (Oct 17, 1996) A social worker questions Sarah's abilities as a mother; Teevee tries to get financing for a portable sawmill company; Elsie plans a birthday party for Lois.

Partners and Other Strangers (Oct 24, 1996) The town waits for Teevee's portable sawmill contract to fail; Sylvie LeBret returns after three years; Michelle teaches Charlie to hunt.

Fear of Flying (Oct 31, 1996) Brenda threatens to report her affair with Brian to Michelle; Sarah considers working at the Health Center; Andrew faces a hard decision.

The Watchers (Nov 7, 1996) Brian is attacked in the bush; Peter wants to hire Sylvie as the new teacher; Teevee struggles with the business.

Simple Sufferings (Nov 14, 1996) Elsie hangs out at the sawmill; Albert forces Teevee to hire Nathan.

A Shimmer of Scales (Nov 21, 1996) Poached bears turn up in Andrew's cargo; a loan application exposes Gerry's personal indiscretions; Nathan helps Sarah.

Suspicious Minds (Dec 5, 1996) Teevee has problems with Bertha; Brian discovers Michelle has been spying on him.

A Deeper Silence (Dec 12, 1996) Brian helps a troubled teenager; Brian and Michelle bust a poaching ring.

Walking with Ghosts (Jan 2, 1997) Michelle suspects Albert of Brian's murder; Betty Moses plans to resurrect the treatment center; Lois is pregnant.

Hunting in the Dark (Jan 9, 1997) Albert catches Sarah with another man; Michelle tries to find Brenda; Joe goes hunting.

The Higher Law (Jan 16, 1997) Albert's house burns down; Peter resigns.

Season 6

The Road (Sep 25, 1997) A road worker is assaulted; Sarah becomes ill.

Cold (Oct 2, 1997) Teevee and Manfred Goertz are in danger; Brenda tries to stay sober.

Ghosts (Oct 9, 1997) Lynx River Resources has financial problems; a rig worker is injured; Joe checks out of the hospital.

Sleeping Dogs (Oct 16, 1997) Harper pressures Michelle to reopen a case; Faith catches Gerry with another woman.

Love Hurts (Oct 23, 1997) Harper and Michelle try to blackmail each other; Teevee tries to close an oil deal; Lois goes into labor.

Peter & The Wolf (Oct 30, 1997) Peter's election campaign takes a sudden turn; a woman searches for Leon.

Oil & Water (Nov 6, 1997) Council threatens Teevee; Leon wants Andrew to help him win Rosie back.

If I Have Been Untrue (Nov 13, 1997) Teevee loses control of Lynx River Resources; Harper jeopardizes Michelle's life.

Heroes (For One Day) (Nov 20, 1997) Teevee's blockade threatens the town's well-being; Michelle gets shot; Nathan is the father of Sarah's baby.

The Smell of Violets (Nov 27, 1997) Teevee learns Bertha is pregnant; Lois plans a christening for Jesse.

A Sparrow Falls (Dec 4, 1997) Charlie blames Albert for the shooting; Lois becomes ill.

I Shall Not Want (Dec 11, 1997) Harper faces the person who shot Michelle; Harris wants a healing ritual performed.

Borrowed Time (Dec 18, 1997) Albert bribes the residents of Lynx River; Gerry gets a letter.

TV Movies

In The Blue Ground (Mar 28, 1999) A Canadian policewoman (Tina Keeper) and her partner (Peter Kelly Gaudreault) seek the person responsible for a geologist's death and a nurse's (Tracey Cook) disappearance.

Trial By Fire (Jan 16, 2000) A Canadian policewoman (Tina Keeper) takes her prominent brother (Tom Jackson) into custody under suspicion of arson and murder.

Dream Storm (Oct 1, 2001) A dead body, a strange illness and mysterious events panic the townspeople of Lynx River.

Another Country (Feb 10, 2003) Michelle (Tina Keeper) tries to help Teevee (Dakota House) who is wrongfully accused of murder, but he escapes from jail.

Distant Drumming (Jan 30, 2005) RCMP Officer Michelle Kenidi's (Tina Keeper) investigation of a tourist's murder puts her on a collision course with Teevee Tenia (Dakota House).

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