North of 60 (Series) (1992-1998)

Aka: Au Nord du 60ème

North of 60
Beginning in December, 1992, North of 60 brought the world of Native Canada into the homes of city and suburban residents. It was a hugely successful series for CBC throughout the country, but especially so in the North, where small towns would nearly come to a standstill on Thursday evenings to watch the show.

Set in the fictional town of Lynx River, NWT, North of 60 covered a wide range of personal and political issues during its six-season run (plus several TV movies). Veteran Canadian TV writers Barbara Samuels and Wayne Grigsby blended the unique atmosphere of a small northern community with human stories that anyone, anywhere could relate to.

The show boasts a high percentage of socially active cast members, including Order of Canada humanitarian Tom Jackson, M.P. Tina Keeper, and youth role models Dakota House and Adam Beach.

(Synopsis by Patty Winter)

Tina Keeper....Michelle Kenidi
Tracey Cook....Sarah Birkett
Tom Jackson....Peter Kenidi
Gordon Tootoosis....Albert Golo
Dakota House....Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia
Simon Baker....Charlie Muskrat
Nathaniel Arcand....William MacNeil
Adam Beach....Nevada
Columpa Bobb....Mary Cook (1993-95)
Robert Bockstael....Brian Fletcher (1994-96)
Tina Louise Bomberry....Rosie Deela
Tantoo Cardinal....Betty Moses (1994-96)
Lorette Clow....Ms Fenton
Peter Kelly Gaudreault....James Harper (1996-97)
Mervin Good Eagle....Joey Small Boat (1992-1996)
Selina Hanuse....Hannah Kenidi (1992-95)
Jimmy Herman....Joe Gomba
Art Hindle....Harry Dobbs (1996-97)
Michael Horse....Andrew One Sky (1995-97)
Erroll Kinistino....Leon Deela
Greg Lawson....Bob Sinofski
Renae Morriseau....Ellen Kenidi (1992-96)
Lubomir Mykytiuk....Gerry Kisilenko
Michael Obey....Nathan Golo
Lori Lea Okemaw....Bertha Kizha
John Oliver....Eric Olsen (1992-93)
Wilma Pelly....Elsie Tsa Che
Julie Stewart....Rosemary Fletcher (1995-96)
Michelle Thrush....Sylvie LeBret (1996-97)
Willene Tootoosis....Lois Tenia/Miller
Vladimír Valenta....Father Smuts (1996-1997)
Timothy Webber....Harris Miller

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

External Links:
Official North of 60 site
Patty Winter's North of 60 fan site

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byRyan, August 5, 2007
I have a problem...........I'm addicted. I need to get my north of 60 fix!!!!This is my favorite show of all time please e-mail me some episodes or tell me where i can get them..thank you
I cannot believe that the most succesful series ever produced in Canada (and seen around the world in syndication) is unavailable on DVD. My sister moved to Texas in 1992 and has not been able to see North of 60 as some areas of the States have no broadcasts of the show. I wanted to be able to purchase the entire series on DVD so I could send this set to her and she could enjoy it as much as I have. I am now watching it for the seventh time around on Showcase in Canada and there are still things I see that I've missed or didn't notice the first six times around. North of 60 was such a well casted and acted series. It seems that once CBC gets hold of a good thing, they just cannot resist letting it go.
I have even heard that they broadcast a few episodes of Corner Gas before dropping it, only to be picked up by CTV - and the rest is history.
We already have the first season of Corner Gas on DVD and this show is still airing. I just cannot believe that CBC would not see fit to release the series so that others who cannot see any syndicated episodes for whatever reason, would be able to enjoy this top-rate series on DVD.
TRUST THE CBC TO DESTROY WHATEVER IS GOOD AND LEAVE THE CRAP ON TV SO THAT NO ONE WILL WATCH THEIR NETWORK. I hear they will be losing the contract rights to Hockey Night in Canada. Seems a shame, but it will serve them right if this happens!!
byBoris, July 22, 2007
I would love to get the theme music for this show or even the guitar tab...........
byNight Owl, June 8, 2007
When will CBC figure out that you don't leave fans behind of popular shows?
North of 60 is another example of great Canadian TV.
This should be released on DVD or made available for download over the internet.
Re: Brian
Unfortunately North of 60 is not available on DVD or Video. I, myself have been taping the shows, and hopefully I can get most of the 90 episodes that were televised.
Alliance Atlantis announced a DVD release several years ago, then changed their minds. CBC and the Canadian Television Fund gave Alberta Filmworks money to develop a sixth and final North of 60 movie, but CBC now needs to fund the actual production...there is a script, but no money to film it. The Lynx River story needs closure.
byBrian, May 21, 2007
It would be nice to get the music for this when it first is a great show and we all love it. Not sure if they have the whole show on DVD or Video..if so it would be worth looking into and have to whole collection
bydonna dair, May 1, 2007
Certainly an interesting show with an interesting perspective ..great story lines..believable characters....a real gem..thank you for a truly entertaining show...
byShirley, April 30, 2007
North of 60 deserves 'top honors' in the TV Industry. The show is excellent, and shows Canadians hardships and reality of living in the North Country. The cast all did excellent work! and the writers/producers deserve to be complimated on their talents. The 5 shows produced after the show was finished deserve top ratings. I hear a 6th Show has been made..but cannot be produced due to lack of funding. Thats sad! We, as fans, need to support North of 60 all we can. Its the best show ever produced in Canada, and I'm sure many will agree with me.
I hope it will continue to be televised regularily.
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