North of 60 (Series) (1992-1998)

Aka: Au Nord du 60ème

North of 60
Beginning in December, 1992, North of 60 brought the world of Native Canada into the homes of city and suburban residents. It was a hugely successful series for CBC throughout the country, but especially so in the North, where small towns would nearly come to a standstill on Thursday evenings to watch the show.

Set in the fictional town of Lynx River, NWT, North of 60 covered a wide range of personal and political issues during its six-season run (plus several TV movies). Veteran Canadian TV writers Barbara Samuels and Wayne Grigsby blended the unique atmosphere of a small northern community with human stories that anyone, anywhere could relate to.

The show boasts a high percentage of socially active cast members, including Order of Canada humanitarian Tom Jackson, M.P. Tina Keeper, and youth role models Dakota House and Adam Beach.

(Synopsis by Patty Winter)

Tina Keeper....Michelle Kenidi
Tracey Cook....Sarah Birkett
Tom Jackson....Peter Kenidi
Gordon Tootoosis....Albert Golo
Dakota House....Trevor 'Teevee' Tenia
Simon Baker....Charlie Muskrat
Nathaniel Arcand....William MacNeil
Adam Beach....Nevada
Columpa Bobb....Mary Cook (1993-95)
Robert Bockstael....Brian Fletcher (1994-96)
Tina Louise Bomberry....Rosie Deela
Tantoo Cardinal....Betty Moses (1994-96)
Lorette Clow....Ms Fenton
Peter Kelly Gaudreault....James Harper (1996-97)
Mervin Good Eagle....Joey Small Boat (1992-1996)
Selina Hanuse....Hannah Kenidi (1992-95)
Jimmy Herman....Joe Gomba
Art Hindle....Harry Dobbs (1996-97)
Michael Horse....Andrew One Sky (1995-97)
Erroll Kinistino....Leon Deela
Greg Lawson....Bob Sinofski
Renae Morriseau....Ellen Kenidi (1992-96)
Lubomir Mykytiuk....Gerry Kisilenko
Michael Obey....Nathan Golo
Lori Lea Okemaw....Bertha Kizha
John Oliver....Eric Olsen (1992-93)
Wilma Pelly....Elsie Tsa Che
Julie Stewart....Rosemary Fletcher (1995-96)
Michelle Thrush....Sylvie LeBret (1996-97)
Willene Tootoosis....Lois Tenia/Miller
Vladimír Valenta....Father Smuts (1996-1997)
Timothy Webber....Harris Miller

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

External Links:
Official North of 60 site
Patty Winter's North of 60 fan site

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I watched North of 60 when visiting Neil's Harbour a few years back. It would be great to be able to buy DVD boxed sets over in the UK. It brought back fond memories of my time in snowy Montreal in 1967-9.
byClick here to see the profile of this user uvisser, February 16, 2010
Hello, I heard so much about this series but since I live in the US I've never had the chance of seeing it. It would be good business to release the series on DVD for those in the US who have been patiently waiting for years as there is a demand for it here.
Hello everyone,
I may have some good news as to having North of 60 released on DVD's. There is a website where one can go into, (you have to register first) and vote to have North of 60 released on DVD. The link to the site is:
After you register and receive your password, you can log into the site, search for North of 60 (or go directly to, and vote for it.
There are three types of DVDs you can vote for: Complete season sets, best of collections, and individual episodes. I voted for the "season sets" as that is what I'd want. There is also a comments site where you can state why you want North of 60 released on DVD.
Figures are down, but with fans voting, every number will help.
Please go and vote....
Thanks Shirley.
Quite a while ago I was lucky to watch the first movie that was aired and at the end I wae there was a web site listed and from there on I was inscribed to Patty Winter's news on everything about North of 60.

I sure was not deceived as I get first news about the movies when they aired, where the show is playing and being in Canada with Satellite Television I've been lucky to ofter watch the show twice a day in western and easter time and super lucky to have been able to tape it twice on videos and now am presently taping them on my brand new DVD recorder.

It's too bad they they no desire to put them out on the market but at least we can find way to see them still and the movies as a complement to the series are just simply great.

Let's just hope they will decide on one last one, the 6th one to make a real good closure to the show with all the original caracters if possible.

It does bring us to think about our origins in this country.

That is effectively one of the very best shows in several decades outshining many of the others.

Just love my North of 60 family.

byClick here to see the profile of this user ponycobbler, February 10, 2008
While it was on Trio, many of us texans watched the show religiously, but for several years now, we get together and watch my lousy old tapes once in a while. I speak for at least 20 others right here in the area when we ask for the DVDS, and we have never had a way to see the movies.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
When will the company that has the copyrights to North of 60 put this entire series and movies on to DVD format for us? They think nothing of putting a ton of other tv series on to DVD, so what's the hold up on NORTH OF 60??? Get with the program already and make it available to the public. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Release North of 60 on DVD PLEASE. Thank you :D
byClick here to see the profile of this user mouse, February 8, 2008
I agree with everyone. Why is it they can drag a very very old show/movie out of moth balls and make Cd or DVD out of them and the sell them. This is not right nor Fair. Some time I think it's just a power trip on what they time will sell or not..I know they read the stuff on here so get off your duff and make this..with the millions of people out there who love the show..gee come on make them.
Put the North of 60 TV Series on DVD NOW!!! What have ya got to lose!!?? You'll make your money if that's what you're worried about!! :(

This show was an instant hit throughout North America and to not make the series available on a DVD box set is totally assinine.
In response to "popwheely" and others...
you may want to blame CBC for various things related to North of 60, however, the blame for the cancelling of the series goes to the Alberta government's slashing of funding for film projects in Alberta...not CBC...and the blame for not putting North of 60 on DVD goes to Alliance Atlantis, who own the rights but are refusing to do so...CBC can't do much about that.
byjeff, January 12, 2008
north of 60 can still be watched on tv troppilis for anybody that wanted to know
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