Noddy (Series) (1998-2000)

This version of Noddy contained the original Noddy stop-action animation segments (UK, 1993-1994) book-ended by new live-action tales.

These new programs were set in a toy store called the Noddy Shop. Noah, a former old salt, ran the store and gave his young friends full writ to play with his favorite toys. None was more beloved than Noddy. When the kids pretended, action shifted to the original Noddy production, with soundtracks re-recorded in North American dialects.

Sean McCann....Noah Tomten
Katie Boland....Kate Tomten
Kyle Kassardjian....Daniel "D.J." Johnson
Max Morrow....Truman Tomten
Teryl Rothery....Mrs. Skittles (voice)
Jayne Eastwood....Aunt Agatha Flugelschmidt
Gil Filar....Boobull
Taborah Johnson....Miss Hilda Sweetly; Gertie Gator (voice)
Michelle Melanson....Biker Chick
Dan Redican....Carl Spiffy; additional puppet voices
Shadia Simmons....Actor
Gina Sorell....April May McJune
Neil Crone....Bud Topper
Alyson Court....Island Princess
Denise Bryer....Noddy (voice)
Noreen Young....Granny Duck
James Rankin....Johnny Crawfish, Sherman the Turtle Tank, Slim Pepper Shaker, Planet Pup
Jim Calder....Lurk Goblins
Frank Meschkuliet....Warloworth Q. Weasel, Gumball, Shorty Salt Shaker, manipulated Bonita Flamingo
Matt Ficner....Rusty the Clown, Lichtenstein, assistant to Johnny Crawfish
Nikki Pascetta....Snipe Goblins
Gerry Quigley
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