Noces de papier, Les (TV Movie) (1989)

Aka: The Paper Wedding

Noces de papier, Les
Immigration officers raid the kitchen of a Montreal restaurant. Illegal immigrant dishwashers flee, including Pablo Torres... Claire, a teacher, lives alone. Her lover, Milosh, is married, and their relationship is strained. Claire's sister, Annie, a lawyer, has a problem. The visa of her client Pablo is about to expire. Pablo is a political refugee who was tortured in his Latin American homeland. Would Claire marry him so he can remain in Canada? Claire reluctantly agrees. At least her mother is pleased! Before the modest civil ceremony can be concluded, Immigration arrives, but everyone escapes. Mum is thrilled to arrange a big church wedding and reception instead! Afterwards Claire and Pablo go their separate ways. But Immigration knows what's going on. The two are forced to live together...

Geneviève Bujold....Claire Rocheleau
Manuel Aranguiz....Pablo Torres
Dorothée Berryman....Annie
Monique Lepage....Gaby
Téo Spychalski....Milosh Velansky
Jorge Fajardo....Miguel Espinoza
Gilbert Sicotte....Bouchard
Jean Mathieu....Theriault
Robert Gravel....Directeur immigration
Alcide Borik....Proprietaire du restaurant
Luiz Saraiva....Cuisinier
Nicolas Clarizio....Garçon italien
Jean L'Italien....Garçon italien
Rodrigo Gómez....Aide-cuisinier
Ramón Carrasco....Aide-cuisinier
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