No Blame (TV Movie) (1988)

No Blame
Amy Donaldson, a successful fashion editor of City Magazine, is married to Carl, an accountant, and they have one young son, Brian. Amy is pregnant and she finds that she tests positive for HIV. The films traces the effect of this on her, her family, and her best friend Suzanne.

Helen Shaver....Amy Donaldson
Stephen Macht....Carl Donaldson
Marie-Christine Barrault....Suzanne
Robert Bednarski....Brian Donaldson
Linda Smith....Heather
Joanne Vannicola....Laura
Jan Rubes....Dr. Bloomer
Yvette Brind'amour....Margaret
Walter Massey....Mr. Donaldson
Doris Petrie....Mrs. Donaldson
Michael J. Reynolds....Sam
Wayne Best....Dr. Fitzpatrick
Brian Wrench....Man with AIDS
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