NightMan (Series) (1997-1999)

Aka: Night Man

After lightning strikes saxophonist Johnny Domino, he finds he is telepathically tuned to the frequency of evil. This gives him an edge for finding the bad guys, and some special classified wearable gear gives him an edge for fighting them.

Matt McColm....Johnny Domino/NightMan
Derek Webster....Rollie Jordan #1 (1997-1998)
Derwin Jordan....Rollie Jordan #2 (1998-1999)
Earl Holliman....Frank Dominus (1997-1998)
Felecia M. Bell....Jessica Rodgers
Jayne Heitmeyer....Lt. Briony Branca (1998-1999)
Kim Coates....Kieran Keyes (1998-1999)
Saskia Garel....Jasmine (1998-1999)
Kiara Hunter....Ali (1998-1999)
Michael Woods....Lt. Charlie Dann (1997-1998)
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