Nightcap (Series) (1963-1967)

Canada's first truly original satirical series, Nightcap built a solid college audience during it's four year run both in Canada and the border cities of Detroit and Buffalo. The program grew from a local Toronto broadcast in 1963 and spread first over a market that included Barrie, London, and Windsor, until the 1966 season, when the CBC unleashed it on viewers in Vancouver, Ottawa, Pembroke, Montreal, and Quebec City.

Nightcap became popular for it's anti-war stance and it's use of sparsely clad actresses. It featured topical Canadian comedy long before SCTV and Kids in the Hall. It's only writer, Chris Bearde, went on to become one of the original 13 Emmy winning writers on NBC's smash hit comedy series "Laugh In".

Director: Kyne Terry
Writer: Chris Bearde
Producer: Terry Kyne
Original Music: Guido Basso
Costumes: Sarah Currie
Set Design: Jack McAdam

Barry Baldaro .... Regular
Chris Bearde .... Regular
Bonnie Brooks .... Regular
Jean Christopher .... Regular
Alan Hamel .... Regular
Vanda King .... Regular
June Sampson .... Regular
Billy Van .... Regular
Guido Basso .... trumpet player (The Rubber Band)
Jimmy Amaro .... bass (The Rubber Band)
Peter Appleyard .... vibes (The Rubber Band)
Ed Bickert .... guitar (The Rubber Band)
Jimmy Dale .... piano (The Rubber Band)
Moe Koffman .... saxophone (The Rubber Band)
Rob McConnell .... brass instruments (The Rubber Band)
Howie Rae .... drums (The Rubber Band)
Teddy Rodderman .... trombone (The Rubber Band)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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