Night Heat (Series) (1985-1989)

Night Heat
Night Heat tells of the exploits of the nightly police beat of detectives Kevin O'Brien (Scott Hylands) and Frank Giambone (Jeff Wincott) from the Mid South Precinct of a city whose name was never mentioned on the show. Their cases were chronicled through the eyes of crime columnist Tom Kirkwood and his "Night Heat" column from The Eagle newspaper.

Scott Hylands....Det. Kevin "O.B." O'Brien
Allan Royal....Tom Kirkwood
Jeff Wincott....Det. Frank Giambone (1985-1989)
Susan Hogan....Nicole "Nickie" Rimbaud (1985-1989)
Wendy Crewson....Prosecutor Dorothy Fredericks (1985)
Lynda Mason Green....Det. Fleece Toland (1985)
Stephen Mendel....Det. Freddie Carson
Eugene Clark....Det. Colby Burns
Sean McCann....Lt. Jim Hogan
Tony Rosato....Arthur "Whitey" Morelli (1985-1989)
Deborah Grover....Prosecutor Elaine Jeffers
Louise Vallance....Det. Stephanie "Stevie" Brody (1985-1986)
Clark Johnson....Det. Dave Jefferson (1986-1988)
Laura Robinson....Det. Christine Meadows (1987-1989)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user uriah, December 31, 2009
This show, I liked like the Streets of San Francisco. I tried not to miss any. AND THAT THEME SONG!
byClick here to see the profile of this user, April 15, 2007
No DVD's available, but you can still catch the show on TVTropolis and DejaView in Canada.
byChristine, April 15, 2007
This was my favorite show. I wish they sold the dvd's of this. Does anyone know where I can get them?

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