Nic 'n Pic (Series) (1975-1976)

Aka: Nic and Pic, Nic et Pic

Nic 'n Pic
A popular children's program produced by Helene Roberge for Radio-Canada, Nic And Pic was dubbed for the English language CBC network beginning in 1975. Nic and Pic were two puppet mice operated by Pierre Regimbald and Michel Frechette. They found adventures as they travelled in their balloon to exotic, far-off locations, such as China, Scotland, and the North Pole.

Jocelyne Goyette....Nic (voice) (French version)
Louise Matteau....Pic (voice) (French version)
Joan Stuart....Nic (voice) (English version)
Madeline Kronby....Pic (voice) (English version)
Pierre Regimbald....Puppeteer
Michel Frechette....Puppeteer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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