Newsroom, The (Series) (1996-1997; 2004-2005)

Newsroom, The
In a Toronto TV station, the newsroom is headed by a ratings freak. There is nothing George won't do! He is surrounded by a self-absorbed news anchor man who is as dumb as they come, a grungy trainee, and a couple of more down-to-earth producers. The cast is helped by famous guest stars each week who try not to get between George and his bran muffins.

The 2004 resuscitation picks up the series nearly a decade later. We again follow the exploits of George Findlay in this biting satire of the day-to-day operations of the mainstream news media.

Ken Finkleman....George Findlay
Mark Farrell....Mark
Jeremy Hotz....Jeremy
Peter Keleghan....Jim Walcott
Tanya Allen....Audrey
Karen Hines....Karen
David Huband....Bruce
Nancy Beatty....Nancy
Julie Khaner....Sidney Dernhoff
Elisa Moolecherry....Gillian Soros
Pamela Sinha....Rani Sandu
Matt Watts....Matt (2004-2005)
Jody Racicot....Alex (2004-2005)
Holly Lewis....Claire (2004-2005)
Douglas Bell....Allen (2004-2005)
Kristin Booth....Nora (2004-2005)
Alberta Watson....Susan (2004-2005)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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