Newsmagazine (Series) (1952-1981)

Aka: CBC News Magazine

Under the title News Magazine, and later as Newsmagazine, this digest of international news features ran on the CBC from the first day of television transmission in Canada.

Originally designed as a television newsreel, the program opened with the words, "These are the sights and sounds of our time," spoken in the authoritative voice of newsreader Lorne Greene. As the program evolved, it took more of a magazine format.

Lorne Greene....Narrator
Gordon Burwash....Host (1956-?)
Bruce Marsh....Host
Lloyd Robertson....Host (1973-76)
Peter Kent....Host (1976-78)
Knowlton Nash....Correspondent; Host (1978-81)
Norman DePoe....Correspondent; Host (1973-1975)
Ken Mason....Correspondent
Michael Maclear....Correspondent
Stanley Burke....Correspondent
Tom Gould....Correspondent
David Levy....Correspondent
Peter Reilly....Correspondent
Phil Calder....Correspondent
James Minifie....Correspondent

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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