New Wilderness (Series) (1982-1987)

Aka: Lorne Greene's New Wilderness

New Wilderness
In this series, Lorne Greene was your guide to where the wild things are. The series offered the idea, says Greene, "that animals are more than mere natural resources for man's use; they're co-tenants of the Earth. We have a choice: We can destroy them, or we can live with them. There's no in-between any more." With that idea in mind, the series focused on the drama of wildlife in its natural habitat and the efforts of conservationists... tracking grizzlies by satellite; an orangutan family filmed in the wild; a Minnesota naturalist who won't sell his land because Canada geese nest on it; and the southern coast of Argentina, where sea lions feed on penguins- and are themselves gobbled up by killer whales (films show the whales coming right up to the beach to attack the sea lions, who refuse to back off their territory).

Lorne Greene....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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