New Music, The (Series) (1979-2008)

Aka: Newmusic; New Music Magazine

New Music, The
Debuting in a late-night time slot on CITY-TV on September 22, 1979, The NewMusic's goal was to document youth culture and its music heroes. The concept was relatively simple: a televised version of Rolling Stone magazine, which at the time was considered the leader in documenting popular culture. The program went beyond the popular style of entertainment journalism based around scandalous sound bites and explored real issues in the music world.

MuchMusic became the new home of The NewMusic in the mid-80s.

Jeanne Beker .... Co-Host (1979-1985)
John (J.D.) Roberts .... Co-Host (1979-1985)
Laurie Brown .... Co-Host (1985-1990)
Daniel Richler .... Co-Host (1985-1987)
Denise Donlon .... Co-Host (1986-1993)
Janna Lynne White .... Co-Host (1990-1996)
Avi Lewis .... Host (1996-1999)
Byron Wong .... Host (1999 to 2000)
George Stroumboulopoulos .... Host (2000-2004)
Hannah Sung .... Host (2004-2006)
Hannah Simone .... Host (2006-2008)
Kim Clarke Champniss .... Reporter
Jennifer Morton .... Reporter

Original Broadcaster(s): CITY, MUCHMUSIC

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