Episode Guide - New Film Makers (Series) (1969)

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Apr 23, 1969 - A look at a youth-oriented film in which young people participated, both as subjects and as film makers. Mort Ransen, director of the NFB experimental feature Christopher's Movie Matinee, shows excerpts from the film to illustrate how he involved the youngsters in the filmmaking process.

Apr 30, 1969 - Walk On, a short film prepared by Jim Bennett, a graduate student at McMaster University, about a frustrated young student who never gets his girl. On the same bill is Caught in Rhythm by two young Montrealers, Gabriel Hoss and Serge Denko.

May 14, 1969 - Presents a program of film animations, including Lords of Creation, dealing with the effects of urbanization. The film maker is Toronto architect Gerald Robinson. On the same program, Flowers, a film about a child's fantasy, is the work of a Japanese, Takihiko Kamei, who came to Canada two years ago.

May 21, 1969 - Satan's Pipers, a film produced by Eric Young and Jon Slan. The film is an updating of ancient myths.

May 28, 1969 - Rat Life and Diet in North America, a film by Canadian artist Joyce Wieland, using animals to illustrate the present-day problems of North American society. Also, Electrocution of the Word by Morley Markson, a film that ritualizes the death of the printed word.

Jun 4, 1969 - Two short films are shown: Il etait une Plume... by CBC video technician Robert Lachapelle - about a boy who, after stealing a classmate's pen, suffers pains of conscience and confesses to his teacher; The Recidivist by Toronto graphic designer Bruce M. Rapp - subjective treatment of a story about a man who keeps returning to crime after being released from prison.

Jun 11, 1969 - Two short animation films, in color, by Al Sens, a Vancouver cartoonist who looks upon the film medium as an extension of his cartoon work. The two films to be shown are: Henry, about a slow learner, and Playground. A third animated film on the program is Thank Heaven, about a "new arrival" in the afterlife, made by students at the Vancouver Art School.

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