NeverEnding Story, The (Series) (1995-1996)

Aka: Histoire sans fin, L' (French Title)

NeverEnding Story, The
Based on the original German novel by Michael Ende, this animated series carries us away to a whimsical, magical world filled with thrilling, action-packed adventures. Join Bastian and his extraordinary friends as they journey to the far reaches of Fantasia, a land of hopes, dreams and unforgettable characters. Make new friends and confront formidable foes as Bastian and his best friend Barktroll travel to such exotic places as the ethereal Silver City, the desolate Swamps of Sadness or the uncharted depths of the Sea of Mist. This series will capture the hearts, minds and imaginations of everyone, young and old.

Christopher Bell .... Bastian Balthazar Bux (voice)
Richard Binsley .... Barktroll (voice)
Geoffrey Bowes .... Barney (voice)
Benedict Campbell .... Shadow Goblin (voice)
Len Carlson .... Vermin (voice)
Colin Fox .... Large Head (voice)
Janet-Laine Green .... Xayide (voice)
Dan Hennessey .... South Wind Giant (voice)
Ellen-Ray Hennessy .... The Southern Oracle (voice)
Howard Jerome .... Falkor the Luck Dragon (voice)
Gary Krawford .... Grogroman the Fire Lion (voice)
James Rankin .... Three Head (voice)
Wayne Robson .... Engywook (voice)
John Stocker .... Gluckuk (voice)
Chris Wiggins .... Mr. Correander (voice)
Lisa Yamanaka .... The Childlike Empress (voice)
Dominic Zamprogna .... Artreyu (voice)
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