Network (Series) (1962-1963)

Network was a late-evening variety show seen over the CTV Television Network. The show was based on the night club entertainment trend across Canada. Seen Monday through Friday, it promised to feature top Canadian entertainers and U.S. stars. Many acts were videotaped by affiliate stations.

Starting December 3, 1962, the program augmented its regular supply of musical numbers and comedy features with a series of cartoons by Toronto artist Fred Lucky. They were shown three times a week. The cartoons, specially drawn for the program, revolved around various humorous situations as visualized by the Lucky pen.

Denyse Ange .... Host
Bill Brady .... Host
Chris Beard .... Regular
Eleanor Collins .... Regular
Dick Curtis .... Regular
Rolf Harris .... Regular
Ted LeGarde .... Regular
Tom LeGarde .... Regular
Jimmy Tapp .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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