Episode Guide - Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben (Series) (1978-1980)

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Jan 17, 1978 - "Pilot, part 1." Four senior citizens, fed up with the matron at their old-folks' home, leave to find a place of their own.

Jan 24, 1978 - "Pilot, part 2." The four errant senior citizens are on their own and hold a garage sale, much to the disgust of their neighbours. But ultimately, their detractors come to realize that the family are human beings and treat them as such, to everyone's delight.


Jan 4, 1980 - Pilot, part 1 repeat.

Jan 11, 1980 - Pilot, part 2 repeat.

Jan 18, 1980 - Opportunity knocks when Ben decides he needs a girl friend.

Jan 25, 1980 - Nostalgia runs high as the seniors recall birthdays past.

Feb 1, 1980 - When Nelly inherits $100,000, a scheming relative (Edward Stidder) tries to cash in on her good fortune.

Feb 8, 1980 - Everyone is in an uproar when their old friend Callie Carmichael (Doris Buckingham) and her famous sister Eileen (Mary Munks) former star of movie musicals, announce they are coming for a visit.

Feb 15, 1980 - Ben persuades Daniel to visit the doctor by agreeing to have a checkup himself— and comes to regret his generosity when the test-results arrive.

Feb 22, 1980 - Ben and Emma decide to fight city hall when they feel the effects of municipal cutbacks. Elmer: Robert Clothier. Mayor: Anthony Holland.

Feb 29, 1980 - A group of sociologists come to study the self-sufficient lifestyle of the oldsters. They descend on the house and involve themselves in everybody's lives until Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben revolt.

Mar 7, 1980 - Convinced that he is being taken for granted, Daniel decides to move out.

Mar 14, 1980 - An 81-year-old escaped convict and, who was also Emma's childhood boyfriend, arrives. Meanwhile, the group's landlord unloads his mother-in-law on them all.

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