Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben (Series) (1978-1980)

Aka: Nellie, Daniel, Emma and Ben

Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben, was a half-hour situation comedy about four elderly citizens who left the security of a home for the aged in favour of striking out on their own. Alicia Ammon, Roy Brinson, Jack Ammon and Barbara Iremain played the seniors, with Lani Ashenhurst as Jennifer, a young friend who moves in with them.

CBC aired the pilot in January, 1978, but the series was put on hold. Filming resumed in April, 1979 and the series finally aired in January, 1980.

Created by Stephen Hickok, the series was produced at CBC Vancouver by Hickock and Bill Lynn.

Alicia Ammon....Nelly
Jack Ammon....Ben
Lani Ashenhurst....Jennifer
Roy Brinson....Daniel
Barbara Tremain....Emma

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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