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Nature of Things, The

New CBC Series On Science

Winnipeg Free Press - Oct 22, 1960

A new series of half-hour programs, entitled The Nature of Things, will make a lone, but powerful stand to put weekly science shows back on North American television schedules.

When the series begins Sunday, Nov. 6 on the CBC-TV network, it will be unique on this continent. On every other television network, the scientist will have stepped aside for the comedian, the gunfighter or the private eye.

The producer of The Nature of Things, Norman Caton, believes the reason for the demise of science series in the United States may be in the word "science" itself. "Unfortunately," says Caton, it's a word that tends to frighten some people off, even though it simply means 'knowledge'."

Some of the major topics to be discussed on the new series include a study of the causes of schizophrenia, a review of space technology, how the brain works and a study of the controlled isolation of human beings.

The host for the new series, Prof. Donald Ivey of the University of Toronto, has tangible evidence that science on television can be popular. As co-host of last year's series Two for Physics, seen an some CBC-TV stations, he received dozens of letters praising the series.

"The most amazing thing that I discovered with the physics series," says Ivey, "was the diversity of our audience, We discovered that people of all ages and levels of education were watching us, and watching us closely."

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