Ian Tyson Show, The (Series) (1970-1975)

Aka: Nashville North

Ian Tyson Show, The
The Ian Tyson Show was a half-hour CTV music series which was known as Nashville North in its first season. Ian's wife Sylvia and the band Great Speckled Bird were regular performers. Up to three Canadian and American guest stars performed on each show, including Anne Murray, Waylon Jennings, Stompin' Tom Connors, Gordon Lightfoot, Willy Nelson, Bruce Cockburn, Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty and Ronnie Hawkins.

Ian Tyson .... Host
Sylvia Tyson .... Regular
Amos Garrett (Great Speckled Bird)
Buddy Cage (Great Speckled Bird)
David Wilcox (Great Speckled Bird)
Ben Keith (Great Speckled Bird)
Jeff Gutcheon (Great Speckled Bird)
N. D. Smart (Great Speckled Bird)
Jim Colegrove (Great Speckled Bird)
Pee Wee Charles (Great Speckled Bird)
Billy Mundi (Great Speckled Bird)
Red Shea (Great Speckled Bird)
Gord Fleming (Great Speckled Bird)
Roly Saley (Great Speckled Bird)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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The Ian Tyson Show with Great Speckled Bird

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