Episode Guide - Naked Mind, The (Miniseries) (1973-1974)

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May 30, 1973 - Lorraine Thomson is host of this CBC special designed to entertain, inform and draw attention to the vital problem of menial health. Taped before an audience at St. Lawrence Centre Town Hall, the format features actors, under the direction of George Luscombe, director of Toronto Workshop Productions, performing highly emotional scenes from six famous dramas. A panel consisting of actor John Colicos, writer Kildare Dobbs, actress-columnist Gale Garnett and humorist Henry Morgan comments on the conflicts involved in the "playlets" and offer laymen's remedial suggestions. For professional advice, the program turns to psychiatrist Dr. Roy Shoicet of Western Psychiatric Consultants, Toronto, and psychologist Dr. Margery King, executive secretary of the Canadian Council on Children and Youth.

Sep 9, 1974 - On the series opener, actors from the Stratford (Ont.) Festival perform excerpts from Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" and Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's Lost" and "King John." Panelists are the festival's artistic director Jean Gascon, Henry Morgan, Judy LaMarsh and actress Dinah Christie.

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