Mystery Maker, The (Series) (1967)

Lyn Cook's novel, Pegeen and the Pilgrim, served as the source for the characters and situation of The Mystery Maker, a 13-week series for children on CBC. Pegeen O'Hara was a teenager who wanted to act, and who lived with her widowed mother, owner of a boarding house in Stratford. The light mystery traced several plotlines that revolved around Pegeen's desire to act and the characters who lived at the boarding house.

Frances Hyland
Syme Jago....Andy
Kathy Kastner....Pegeen O'Hara
Beth Lockerbie....Mrs. Hodge
Jane Mallett
Miles McNamara....David
Joseph Shaw....Mr. B.
Ruth Springford....Mrs. O'Hara
Tudi Wiggins
James Edmond....Mr. Pudd
Alan Jordan
Charles Palmer....Mr. Toby

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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