My Pet Monster (Series) (1987)

Aka: P'tit monstre (French title)

My Pet Monster
My Pet Monster was an animated series produced by Toronto's Nelvana Films. The series was based on a stuffed toy of the same name. In the series, a boy (Max) longing for a best friend finds one in the shape of a furry stuffed animal. The stuffed animal (Monster) transforms into a friendly creature when his handcuffs are removed.

The series debuted on ABC-TV in the U.S. on Sept 12, 1987 and later aired on several Canadian stations.

Theme by Marvin Dolgay and Kevan Staples

Sunny Besen Thrasher .... Max (voice)
Stuart Stone .... Chuckie (voice)
Jeff McGibbon .... Monster (voice)
Alyson Court .... Jill (voice)
Dan Hennessey .... Beastur (voice)
Colin Fox .... Mr. Hinkle (voice)
Tracey Moore .... Princess (voice)
Tara (Charendoff) Strong .... Ame (voice)
Robert Cait .... Additional Voices
Graham Haley .... Additional Voices
Mary Long .... Additional Voices
Maxine Miller .... Additional Voices
Simon Reynolds .... Additional Voices
John Stocker .... Additional Voices
Noam Zylberman .... Additional Voices

Original Broadcaster(s): Syndicated

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byClick here to see the profile of this user ash8409, November 18, 2008
i absolutely loved this show as a kid! by far my favorite cartoon!

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