My Life as a Dog (Series) (1996-1997)

My Life as a Dog
Based on the novel by the same name by Reidar Jönsson. This series stars a boy growing up under difficult circumstances. Shot in Manitoba where there are windswept open vistas, small town societies, and a wonderful glance at the Aurora Borealis.

Michael Yarmush....Eric Johansson
Callum Keith Rennie....Johnny Johansson
Marley Otto....Anastasia 'AJ' Burke
Jennifer Clement....Zoë Johansson
David Brown....Louis Riel LaFresne
Joy Coghill....Auntie Auntie/Astrid Árnesson
Robin Dunne....Kris Johansson
Bucky Hill....Sam LaFresne
Honoure McIlwain-Collard....Tiffany Wilson
Maggie Nagle....Candice Burke
R. Morgan Slade....George Kilodney
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