Must Be Santa (TV Movie) (1999)

Must Be Santa
Everyone at the North Pole is immortal, except Santa who must be replaced when it's his time to join the Santa Senate and cross over to the angel side of the Pole. A mishap (or is it the spirit of Christmas at work?) makes a reluctant Floyd Court (Pinnock), a loser who's down on his luck, the new Santa. Only a few days before Christmas, with a view to impressing his estranged daughter, Heather (Keenan MacWilliam),- not to mention feathering his own nest, Floyd agrees to accept the magical throne of a very non-traditional North Pole.

Unfortunately he misuses his powers bringing havoc and destruction to the seat of children's Christmas wishes. Ashamed of what he has done and convinced he is not worthy of being Santa it takes Heather and the other North Pole children to point out the obvious - he's a natural, they love him and want him to be Santa.

There's no time for argument, it's Christmas Eve and the children of the world are waiting. Floyd accepts his destiny and takes off on a magical ride across the heavens, filling the night sky with shimmering light, sending the Christmas spirit down to the sleeping world below - as only Santa can.

Arnold Pinnock....Floyd Court/Santa
Deanna Milligan....Natalie Fairlie
Dabney Coleman....Tuttle
Keenan Macwilliam....Heather
Peter Millard....Farthing
Brian Miranda....Carl
Steven McCarthy....Yaz
Gerard Parkes....Previous Santa
Jordy Benattar....Molly
Patrick Gallagher....Security Guard
Judy Sinclair....Woman (Mall)
Seth Tubak....Punk
Larry Yachimec....Men's Store Clerk
Carol Rigg....Karen
John Devenish....Bruce
Joe Flaherty ....Count Floyd
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