Musical Showcase (Series) (1965-1967)

Aka: BA Musical Showcase

Musical Showcase was a half-hour extravaganza series produced in two versions - one in English and one in French.

Denny Vaughan lead a nine-piece orchestra as part of the series. Guest artists' songs, with the orchestra, provided musical clues for the on-air game. For instance, a question about the length of the Golden Gate Bridge might follow the song San Francisco.

Prizes for the game included such prizes as gold bricks worth $50,000, hi-fi sets and airplane trips.

The show debuted on CTV stations in the east on March 28, 1965 and was not seen in the west until August 1, when it was telecast over the whole network.

George LaFleche .... Host (1965-1966)
Norman Brooks .... Host (1966)
Don Cameron .... Host (1966-1967)
Denny Vaughan .... Bandleader

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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