Music to Remember (Series) (1970-1971)

Aka: Collage; Music Album

A Sunday afternoon program of light music with Lucio Agostini and his orchestra, Music to Remember featured performances by such guests as singers Shirley Harmer and Wally Koster, and violinist Marta Hidy. The title of the program was changed to Collage after in 1970 after 11 weeks.

Collage was a half-hour of light music, with an orchestra conducted by Lucio Agostini for segments produced in Toronto, and by Meredith Davies for segments produced in Vancouver. The show's title was subsequently changed to Music Album in September 1970.

Music Album showcased Canadian talent in programs of show tunes, light classics, and popular music. The show alternated between Toronto and Vancouver production centres, and featured orchestras conducted by Lucio Agostini in the former and Ricky Hyslop in the latter. Occasionally, the show also welcomed guest conductors, such as Howard Cable, as it presented concert band style music. The series also featured Wally Koster.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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