Music of Man, The (Miniseries) (1979)

The Music of Man was a series of eight hour-long specials with host Yehudi Menuhin, following the development of music from its beginnings at the dawn of history to the electronic experiments, jazz and rock of our own time. Menuhin, the renowned violinist, conductor and humanist, participated both as violin soloist and conductor throughout the series, and was also co-writer. Filmed in locations around the world, The Music of Man was produced in English and in French. Composers ranged from improvising African tribesmen, Canadian Indians and Southern revivalists to Perotinus, Machaut, Gabrieli, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Debussy and Bartok. Many famous artists from around the world participated, among them sitarist Ravi Shankar, violinist Jean Carignan, jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, contralto Maureen Forrester, composers Aaron Copland and Murray Schafer, and pianist and musicologist Glenn Gould.

Co-produced by CBC, the Ontario Educational Communications Authority, and the Mississippi Authority for Educational Television.

Writers: Yehudi Menuhin, Curtis W. Davis, and Charles Weir.
Producers: Curtis W. Davis, Richard Bocking and John Thomson

The films took five years to make, required two separate camera teams which travelled to 500 locations, and amassed more than 165 km of film.

Yehudi Menuhin .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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