Music Makers (Series) (1957-1961)

Aka: Music '60; The Jack Kane Show

Music Makers
Music Makers ran for two seasons as Music Makers '58 and Music Makers '59. It presented big band music with Jack Kane and his thirty-one piece Orchestra and singer Sylvia Murphy. In addition, the show welcomed a healthy selection of guests from the world of swing and jazz.

In 1959, the show expanded to a full hour and ran every other week under the title Music '60, alternating with Music '60 Hit Parade.

For the 1960-61 season, the CBC returned the show to its original format of a weekly half-hour as the Jack Kane Show. The production also returned to a more modest scale that stressed the music of the band and its members in smaller combos, and of featured vocalist Sylvia Murphy.

Bill Walker....Host
Jack Kane
Sylvia Murphy
Joan Fairfax

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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