Music Machine, The (Series) (1970)

The Music Machine aired on the CBC for 12 weeks over the summer of 1970. The show assembled a homogenized digest of pop music hits. It featured host Bob Francis, a band led by Moe Koffman, and a vocal group called The Machinery.

The Music Machine highlighted outstanding pop and rock musicians with hits of the day along with flashbacks to the past. Also, new, young performers were introduced, including Steve Kennedy of the Motherlode rock group. Fans of rock music will remember Brian Russell and Rhonda Silver, Laurie Hood (of the Sugar Shoppe), Terry Black from the Toronto company of Hair, Tranquility Base from Hamilton. There were interviews with these "celebrities" plus commentary on new records.

Director/Writer: Ron Meraska
Producer: Jack Budgell

Bob Francis....Host
Moe Koffman
Percy Neeps

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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