Music Hop (Series) (1963-1967)

Music Hop
In 1963, CBC Toronto introduced Music Hop, an after-school program of rock 'n' roll and pop music for teenagers. Each week, Alex Trebek introduced guest musicians and numbers from the regular performers as the teens in the audience danced.

The next year, Trebek was replaced by Dave Mickie. In addition the Music Hop title embraced shows from across Canada. They included, on Mondays, Let's Go, from Vancouver; Tuesdays, Jeunesse Oblige, from Montreal; Wednesdays, Hootenanny, from Winnipeg; and Fridays, Frank's Bandstand from Halifax. The original Music Hop, from Toronto held down the Thursday time slot.

The CBC axed Music Hop at the end of the 1967 season, just before the "summer of love." The following season, Music Hop adopted the name of the Vancouver segment, Let's Go, and aired one more year.

Dave Mickie....Host (1965-1967)
Alex Trebek....Host (1963-1964)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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